PNC Park 2024 New Foods Include Sweet Cheese Pierogi

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Pirates unveil PNC Park 2024 New Foods that feature Fried Chicken Biscuits, Beef Birria Nachos, Cheddar Bratwursts & More!

Join us as the Pittsburgh Pirates announce new food concessions, drinks and dessert options at PNC Park for the 2024 season. 

PNC Park 2024 New Foods Include Sweet Cheese Pierogi

Are you going to the Pirates games this year? Want new menu options to try at PNC Park in 2024?

The Major League Baseball season is finally here in Pittsburgh, and the men in yellow have a new food lineup ready for fans to enjoy for 2024. PNC Park and food provider Aramark® have announced some new menu options for the new year that will be sold in the main concession stands as well as club levels. Those options range from loaded hot dogs to specialty sweet treats and even global bites. 

There are also returning favorites like the Caliente Detroit-Style Pizzas (sections 123 & 114), Manny’s BBQ (section 138), and Primanti Bros® Sandwiches (section 108). While some of the food offerings are being sold at multiple stands, there are other menu items that are only available at one location. For complete details on the 2024 Pittsburgh Pirates food lineup and locations, please refer to the information below! 

Specialty Hot Dogs-PNC Park 2024 New Foods

Renegade Dog

  • Description: The most anticipated attraction will consist of a Footlong Beef Link layered with Pot Roast, Six Potato Pierogies, Grilled Onions, and Pickles on a White Bun. 
  • Where are the Renegade Dogs Sold? Pop’s Plaza Kiosk (Available until Mid-July)
  • Location: Section 133 (Left Field)

Pitt Dog

  • Description: This new offering showcases an All-Beef Link topped with Capicola Pork Slices, Potato Sticks, Provolone Cheese, and Vinegar-Based Slaw on a Potato Roll. 
  • Where are the Pitt Dogs Sold? Smallman Street Deli
  • Location: Section 135 (Left Field)

Silver Star Bratwurst

  • Description: The Pirates will launch a new hand-held favorite courtesy of a Cheddar & Chive Bratwurst garnished with Grilled Onions and Sauteed Peppers on a White Bun. 
  • Where are the Silver Star Bratwursts Sold? Chicken Pitt
  • Location: Section 127 (3rd Base)

Elevated Ballpark Fare-PNC Park 2024 New Foods

Fried Chicken Biscuit

  • Description: The popular breakfast staple will highlight Crispy Chicken Breast with Chorizo Gravy, Honey Butter, and Pickle Slices on a Biscuit.  
  • Where are the Fried Chicken Biscuits Sold? Coop de Ville at Chicken on the Hill
  • Location: Section 144 (Right Field)

Beef Birria Nachos

  • Description: The flavors of Tex-Mex cuisine are coming to the Steel City thanks to the Slow-Cooked Beef Birria that collaborates with Cilantro Lime Cream, Queso Fresco, and Jalapenos on a bed of Tortilla Chips. 
  • Where are the Beef Birria Nachos Sold? LowKey Taco
  • Location: Section 138 (Left Field)

Roasted Corn on the Cob

  • Description: For those looking for a healthier option can rely on Grilled Corn Cobs covered with Cotija Cheese, Bang-a-Rang Sauce, and Green Herbs. Fans should receive two pieces per order. 
  • Where are the Roasted Corn on the Cobs Sold? LowKey Taco
  • Location: Section 138 (Left Field)

Big Mozz® Mozzarella Sticks

  • Description: The trending snack at baseball games has finally arrived with its Deep-Fried 5-Inch Mozzarella Sticks with a side of Marinara Dipping Sauce. 
  • Where are the Big Mozz® Mozzarella Sticks Sold? Multiple Areas
  • Location: Sections 146 (Right Field), 127 (3rd Base), and 222 (3rd Base)

Chicken Wings

  • Description: The returning pizza stand will now sell Crispy Chicken Wings with a Choice of Sauce: Buffalo, Mild, or BBQ. Customers should receive about 4-5 pieces per order. 
  • Where are the Chicken Wings Sold? Caliente Pizza and Draft House
  • Location: Section 109 (1st Base)

Desserts-PNC Park 2024 New Foods

Sweet Cheese Pierogi

  • Description: This new take on Pittsburgh cuisine will contain Polish Dumplings-Filled Sweet Cheese with the co-stars of Powdered Sugar and Chocolate Sauce Drizzle. Guests should receive six pieces per order. 
  • Where are the Sweet Cheese Pierogies Sold? Cannonball Burger
  • Location: Section 146 (Right Field)

Caramel-Stuffed Churros

  • Description: The latest member of the Bucco’s food lineup will resemble Fried Stick-Shaped Dough-Stuffed Caramel Sauce with Chocolate Sauce Drizzle and Powder Sugar Dustings. 
  • Where are the Caramel-Stuffed Churros Sold? LowKey Taco
  • Location: Section 138 (Left Field)

Candied Bacon Sundae

  • Description: This meal has the components of Vanilla Ice Cream with Candied Bacon Bits, Chocolate-Covered Pretzels, and Caramel Sauce piled on top of Homemade Belgian Waffles. 
  • Where are the Candied Bacon Sundaes Sold? Home Plate Concourse (Available starting in Mid-July)
  • Location: Section 119

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