8 MLB Stadiums that Serve the Best Pizzas

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Curious to discover the most incredible pizza slices ever made in the Big Leagues? What are the 8 MLB stadiums that serve the best pizzas?

Prepare yourself for an unforgettable culinary journey as we introduce you to the most exceptional pizzas served at prestigious baseball stadiums. Our enthusiasm is contagious as we eagerly await the opportunity to share this mouthwatering experience with you without delay!

8 MLB Stadiums that Serve the Best Pizzas

Passionate baseball fans who embark on a journey to visit all 30 ballparks across North America seek thrilling games and unforgettable culinary adventures. These enthusiasts crave unique and diverse dining experiences at each stadium, exploring an array of amazing hot dogs, nachos, Cracker Jacks®, and more. They may even desire a gooey and satisfying pizza on certain days, which is the perfect way to fuel up and enjoy the excitement ahead. In this article, we will explore the ballparks that offer the most creative and delicious pizzas in Major League Baseball. Please note that food options may vary depending on the availability and location of concession stands. 

#8 – Great American Ball Park (La Rosa’s®)

Some sports arenas would rely on national chains to be the official pizza partner for their teams. Sure, those restaurants have a huge following because of their thousands of locations across the country. But the downside of this strategy is that those franchises miss out on the opportunity to showcase pizza from a local source. In other words, they could have put their attention on either a mom & dad-owned eatery or from a regional chain. Fortunately, for the Reds, the Cincinnati club offers La Rosa’s® Pizza during home games in the Major League Baseball season. 

La Rosa’s® has become so well-loved by the Reds community that they have even run fan promotions during home games, such as giving away free slices if the team’s pitchers strike out eleven batters during a game. In 2014, the pizza chain also ran a social media campaign where fans could win free pies by posting a photo with a “mustache” cut out from the company’s pizza box at a Reds game and waiting for the winners to be announced after each series finale.

#7 – Busch Stadium (Mega-Sliced)

If you’re visiting St. Louis, there are three must-see attractions: the Gateway Arch, local barbecue, and Redbirds baseball. In the 2010s, the Cardinals were a dominant team in the National League, winning the World Series in 2011 and making four consecutive NL Championship Finals appearances from 2011-2014. They also played in the 2013 Fall Classic but unfortunately lost to the Boston Red Sox in six games. 

But the excitement doesn’t stop at the game itself. Busch Stadium is known for its Mega-Sliced Pizzas, which are around 1.5 feet long! If you’re tired of the same old food options, give this monster meal a try. The Mega-Sliced pizza comes in classic flavors like pepperoni and cheese, and you can either devour the whole thing yourself or share half with a friend or family member. You can find these tall pizza slices in multiple locations, including Dizzy’s Diner (3rd base concourse-section 139) and Ballpark Favorites (1st base hallway-section 162).

#6 – PNC Park (Caliente Pizza)

Baseball fans and players have warmly welcomed The Pirates venue, PNC Park. It is a retro-style stadium that takes inspiration from Camden Yards in Baltimore, avoiding the old-school trends of cookie-cutter ballparks and presenting a modern take on America’s national pastime. The stadium is also renowned for its spectacular views of Downtown Pittsburgh and the Roberto Clemente Bridge. However, the stadium’s aesthetic appeal is not the only aspect that spectators should consider on game day.

MLB fans have developed a fondness for the Detroit-Style Pan Slices from Caliente Pizza, making it a hit in the Steel City. Unlike the typical triangle-shaped slices, these delicious bites are cut into squares so customers can enjoy a corner of the whole pie. Caliente Pizza offers a unique piece not commonly found in other stadiums: The Sicilian. This dish is topped with intense Italian cheeses and tomato sauce, resembling a thick crust. The restaurant also serves classic family favorites such as pepperoni and cheese.

#5 – American Family Field (Street-ZA Pizza)

Regarding the Milwaukee Brewers, one can’t help but think of their affiliation with bratwursts and sausages. These handheld snacks are a staple at every home game at American Family Field. Toward the end of the game, visitors are treated to the Sausage Mascot races featuring Hot Dog, Italian, Polish, Brat, and Chorizo. These snacks are also sold throughout the main concourse. But the Brew Crew is also known for something else whenever they take the field.

Section 123, located in the 3rd base hallway, boasts an incredible pizza stand that offers the usual pepperoni and cheese and limited-time flavors. Street-Za creates a dish for each visiting team playing against the Brewers that reflects the opposing team’s city. For instance, for every game against the Cardinals, the establishment offers a St. Louis-Style BBQ slice. During the NL Central Division battle against the Pirates, Street-Za sold the Pittsburgh Roast Beef & Salami Pizza. The highlight of this dining experience is that some concession areas always have something new for every home series.

#4 – Coors Field (Wazee Market)

The Colorado Rockies baseball team is unique in many ways. They are the only MLB franchise in the Mountain Time Zone and play in a stadium over a mile above sea level. But what really sets them apart is their delicious food options. At the Wazee Market, located in the third base hallway near section 137, fans can enjoy John Dough Pizza Company’s uniquely flavored pizzas. 

The Rustic Pepperoni pizza is a great option for meat lovers, featuring a delicious blend of pepperoni, mozzarella, and tomatoes. The Classic Margherita pizza is another popular choice, featuring a combination of olive oil, tomatoes, and mozzarella cheese. For those who prefer veggie options, the Roasted Mushroom Oreganato pizza is tasty, featuring oregano herbs and a combo of Parmesan and mozzarella cheeses. John Dough Pizza Company is different from your average stadium pizza joint. With various delicious options, they are a must-try for any Denver sports fan.

#3 – Progressive Field (Dante’s Inferno)

Progressive Field, home of the Guardians, offers many exciting attractions for guests to enjoy on game day. Heritage Park is one of the most popular spots in the center field, which pays tribute to former Cleveland baseball players. The official team store in the third base concourse is also worth checking out as it offers a variety of merchandise and shirts. Moreover, the Guardians have stepped up their food game with Dante’s Inferno, a pizza stand in the first base hallway next to section 149. 

Named after local Italian chef Dante Boccuzzi, the place offers a unique combination of two European comfort food classics. Their signature dish, the Spaghetti & Meatball Pizza, features beef balls with white noodles topped with tomato sauce, caramelized parmesan cheese, and green herbs. This innovative creation has been a massive hit among Cleveland lovers and sports enthusiasts since it debuted in 2016. Dante’s Inferno also offers other tasty flavors such as vegetarian, pepperoni, and cheese. 

#2 – Target Field (Pizza Luce)

The Twins are the biggest attraction in the State of 10,000 Lakes during summer. Minnesota would give away bobbleheads on select weekend games and provide post-game fireworks. In fact, the club has some of the best players in professional baseball, like Byron Buxton and Carlos Correa. Even though Target Field sells food and drinks in each and every home contest, there is one tasty treat that ticket holders look forward to that doesn’t involve hot dogs and Cracker Jacks®. Only in Minneapolis, the open-air ballpark has the best pizza offering in the Midwest. 

The outfield concourse in the 200 level has an Italian fan favorite called Pizza Luce. Spectators can order a 1.5-foot personal plate or go with a by-the-slice option. But the most talked-about flavor to watch is the TC Bear Pizza, which can not be found anywhere else. Named after the Twins mascot, the unique meal features three types of meats: Italian Sausage, Caramelized & Smoky Bacon, and Pepperoni. Pizza Luce sells other toppings, like plain cheese and even a vegan version. 

#1 – T-Mobile Park (Moto Pizza)

Seattle is the most exciting sports city in the Pacific Northwest. In recent memory, T-Mobile Park hosted the 2023 MLB All-Star Game and will be the site for the 2024 NHL Winter Classic. In addition, the Seahawks won their first Super Bowl in franchise history in early 2014 by defeating the Denver Broncos. But seafood and grasshoppers are not the only menu selections fans crowd the concession lines for during Mariners games. The team’s top-selling food item is Mr. Pig Pizza, which made its big league debut in 2023. 

This deep-dish creation showcases Filipino Pork Belly with Tomato Sauce, Spicy Sausage, Garlic Banana Ketchup, and Mango Cilantro Chimichurri. The Mr. Pig special is only available at Moto Pizza in the first base concourse (near section 314). Other than the Moto stand, there are two more places where M’s supporters can grab a slice. The ‘Pen in the outfield (ground level) offers Ballard Pizza with the classic flavors of cheese or pepperoni. Another place of interest to be aware of is High Cheese Pizza, located behind home plate. 

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