Top 10 Mariners 2023 New Foods at T-Mobile Park

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Where can I locate the Pork Belly Pizzas & Apple Pie Cinnamon Roll Ice Creams at T-Mobile Park in 2023? Top 10 Mariners 2023 New Foods!

Hello Everyone! Welcome to Sports Teller! Today, we will be going over the Top 10 Mariners 2023 New Foods at T-Mobile Park! Without further adieu, let’s begin!

Top 10 Mariners 2023 New Foods at T-Mobile Park

Are you going to the Mariners baseball game this season? Want new menu options to sample at T-Mobile Park this year?

Now that the upcoming season is upon us, you might be thinking “Will the boys in teal and dark blue offer new concession stands this season?” Well, you’re in luck! In 2023, the Seattle Mariners will unveil new food offerings at their home ballpark for Pacific Northwest sports fans.

The ballpark does not just serve just hot dogs, Cracker Jacks®, and grasshoppers! The MLB club will also revel new concession stands for the new season. For more information on what to eat at T-Mobile Park during the upcoming campaign, please refer to the team’s List of 2023 New Food Items below! Important Note: The stands and items may vary depending on availability! Debuting food choices will range from uniqueness, creativity, and selections not commonly found in other MLB Stadiums! 

#10 – Ham Swaggerty Sandwich

  • Description: Named after Mariners INF Sam Haggerty (who hit the M’s first inside-the-park home run since 2007 last season), this is Smoked Cured Ham that collaborates with Havarti Cheese, Caramelized Onions, Spicy Veggie Slaw, Arugula Leaves, and Dijon Mustard on White Rustic Bread. 
  • Where are Ham Swaggerty Sandwiches Sold at T-Mobile Park: The Walk-Off Market
  • Location: 3rd Base Concourse (Near Sections 141 & 341)

#9 – Crispy Fish Taquitos

  • Description: Named in honor of M’s Hall of Famer Edgar Martinez, this is a Small-Rolled Taco that focuses on Deep-Fried Cod Fish along with Chopped Grilled Onions, Diced Cucumbers, and Roasted Peppers. The plate is also garnished with Cotija Cheese & Sliced Jalapenos and Drizzled with Spicy Sauce. 
  • Where are Crispy Fish Taquitos Sold at T-Mobile Park: Edgar’s Cantina
  • Location: Center Field on Main Level (Close to The Pen)

#8 – Sweet Ginger Miso Chicken

  • Description: The Mariners will be selling Hawaiian Cuisine as they present Grilled Chicken pieces that are marinated in Sweet Ginger Miso Sauce. Other menu options are Kalua Pork, Polynesian Macaroni Salad, and Tofu. 
  • Where are Sweet Ginger Miso Chickens Sold at T-Mobile Park: Marination
  • Location: 1st Base Concourse (Near Section 119)

#7 – Pork Bao Buns

  • Description: This Chinese staple is a Steamed White Bun that is filled with Chopped Pork and Asian Sauce. Please note that each fan gets two buns per order. The stand will also provide Spicy Chicken Wonton Soup, Chicken Fried Rice, and Veggie Bao Buns. 
  • Where are Pork Bao Buns Sold at T-Mobile Park: Din Tai Fung
  • Location: Home Plate Concourse (Near Section 133) & Center Field on Main Level (Close to The Pen)

#6 – Spicy Fried Chicken Sandwich

  • Description: Looking for a crunchy bite to eat at the ballpark? We got you covered! This new creation resembles Deep-Fried Chicken that is accompanied by Special Sauce, Lettuce, and Tomato with a side of Garlic Waffle Fries. 
  • Where are Spicy Fried Chicken Sandwiches Sold at T-Mobile Park: Chick Chick Boom (Emoji-Themed)
  • Location: Right Field Concourse (Near Section 106)

#5 – Quarter Pound Wagyu Burger

  • Description: The thrilling new member of Seattle Baseball’s food lineup consists of ¼ lb. Weighted Wagyu Beef Patty that is paired with American Cheese, Grilled Onions, Pickles, Tomato, and Lettuce on a Toasted Bun with a side of French Fries. 
  • Where are Quarter Pound Wagyu Burgers Sold at T-Mobile Park: Big League Burger
  • Location: 1st Base Terrace Club (Near Section 218) & 3rd Base Concourse (Near Section 340)

#4 – The Cal-Zone

  • Description: Named after M’s Catcher Cal Raleigh (who hit the playoff drought-ending walk-off home run last season), this one-of-a-kind meal stars Pepperoni Slices, Marinara Sauce, and Two Cheeses (Mozzarella & Parmesan) that are filled in a Golden Brown Dough. 
  • Where are Cal-Zones Sold at T-Mobile Park: Ballard Pizza Company
  • Location: Center Field on Main Level (Close to The Pen) & 3rd Base Terrace Club (Near Section 241)

#3 – BBQ Loaded Baked Potato

  • Description: Want to upgrade your barbecue-eating experience? Well, this one’s for you! This dish includes Smoked Pulled Pork that is stuffed in a Large Russet Potato as well as Chopped Green Onions and Jalapeno Cheese Sauce. 
  • Where are BBQ Loaded Baked Potatoes Sold at T-Mobile Park: Holy Smoke BBQ
  • Location: 1st Base Concourse (Near Section 313) & Right Field Concourse (Near Section 105)

#2 – Mr. Pig Pork Belly Pizza

  • Description: One of the Emerald City’s most acclaimed pizza restaurants is making its way to Mariners stadium. Debuting this year is a Rectangle-Shaped Slice that highlights Filipino-Style Pork Belly along with Tomato Sauce, Garlic Banana Ketchup, and Mango Cilantro Chimichurri. 
  • Where are Mr. Pig Pork Belly Pizzas Sold at T-Mobile Park: Moto Pizza
  • Location: Right Field Concourse (Near Section 314)

#1 – Apple Pie Cinnamon Roll Ice Cream

  • Description: Combining two baked goods into one unique flavor sounds like a good idea! Introducing the new dessert sensation that showcases Alpine Cheese Ice Cream that is mixed with Apple Pie Crumble Bits and Cinnamon Swirl. 
  • Where are Apple Pie Cinnamon Roll Ice Creams Sold at T-Mobile Park: Salt & Straw®
  • Location: Left Field Concourse (Close to Edgar’s Home Run Porch on the Main Level)
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