Top 10 Bengals 2023 New Foods at Paycor Stadium

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Where can I find the Footlong Pizzas & Pork Belly Hoagies at Paycor Stadium in 2023? What are the Top 10 Bengals 2023 New Foods? 

Immerse yourself in a culinary adventure at Paycor Stadium for the highly anticipated 2023 season. Prepare to be amazed as we bring you an unparalleled dining experience featuring a diverse array of delectable dishes that will entice and gratify your palate in ways you never thought possible. 

Top 10 Bengals 2023 New Foods at Paycor Stadium

Are you going to the Cincinnati Bengals NFL games this year? Want new menu options to sample at Paycor Stadium in 2023?

Football season has started, and fans are excited about the games and the delicious food options at the concession stands. The NFL’s Cincinnati Bengals have introduced new menu items to enhance your game-day experience. Treat yourself to various exciting creations, including mouth-watering sandwiches and delightful desserts, whenever your team scores a big play. Enjoy the game to the fullest by satisfying your cravings with these delectable options. 

Have you heard about the new snack options at Paycor Stadium? They’ve expanded beyond just hot dogs and sodas this season. They’ve also added new ordering stands with a variety of food choices. Here’s the official list of what’s available, even though the stands and items may vary based on availability. You can expect to try out some unique food options that other NFL venues don’t offer. 

#10 – Fried Onion Rings

  • Description: Move over fries and chips because there is a new, exciting side dish in town! New for 2023, the tasty bite will focus on Deep-Fried Onion Rings that pair with other menu selections like Boneless Chicken or Traditional Wings. 
  • Where are the Fried Onion Rings Sold at Paycor Stadium? Buffalo Wings and Rings
  • Location: Section 122

#9 – Mettwurst Sausage

  • Description: Most football venues typically serve bratwursts or sausages whenever their home clubs take the field. But the Bengals will begin selling a Pork-Based Link that can go with Sauerkraut or just plain Ketchup and Mustard on a Hot Dog Bun. 
  • Where is the Mettwurst Sausage Sold at Paycor Stadium? Gameday Faves
  • Location: Sections 132, 126, 248, 231, 228, 218, 2017, 344, 334, 316, and 304

#8 – Double Cheeseburger

  • Description: The nation’s familiar grilled bite on game day showcases Two Beef Patties and Two Slices of American Cheese on a White Hamburger Bun. 
  • Where are the Double Cheeseburgers Sold at Paycor Stadium? Cincy Burger + Fry
  • Location: Sections 114 and 144

#7 – Buffalo Chicken Fingers

  • Description: This meal features succulent Fried Chicken Tenders generously coated in zesty Buffalo Sauce and served alongside crispy French Fries. Customers can expect to enjoy approximately 3-5 pieces of chicken per order. 
  • Where is the Buffalo Chicken Fingers Plate Sold at Paycor Stadium? GridIron Grill
  • Location: Sections 222, 308, and 339

#6 – Cincy-Style Coney Dogs

  • Description: The new Cincinnati Dog section just replaced Gold Star® as the official chili for the local NFL team. The company’s best-selling item is the Chili Cheese Dogs, which are Beefy Links layered with Chili Sauce and Shredded American Cheese on a White Bun. 
  • Where are the Cincy-Style Coney Dogs Sold at Paycor Stadium? Skyline Chili®
  • Location: Sections 150, 140, 118, 110, 245, 205, 346, and 303

#5 – Pulled Pork Sandwich

  • Description: One of the country’s go-to barbecue staples is heading to Southwest Ohio. Introducing a Shredded Pulled Pork smothered with Original BBQ Sauce on a White Bun. 
  • Where is the Pulled Pork Sandwich Sold at Paycor Stadium? Smoke ‘N’ Sizzle
  • Location: Section 150

#4 – Footlong Mega-Slice Pizza

  • Description: The latest member of the franchise’s food lineup will consist of a 14-Foot Slice with a choice of Cheese or Pepperoni. The new concession stand recently became the official pizza for Bengals football
  • Where are the Footlong Mega-Slice Pizzas Sold at Paycor Stadium? Donatos® Pizza
  • Location: Sections 149, 140, 130, 119, 110, 101, 244, 206, 346, 334, 316, and 303

#3 – Pork Belly Hoagie

  • Description: Thanks to the new “Game Time” promotion by Aramark® and the NFL, Cincinnati will begin to provide Roasted Pork Belly that accommodates Jalapeno Bacon Jam, Pickled Red Onion, Cilantro, and Mayo on a Hoagie Roll. Please be aware that this meal is only on the menu during evening games. 
  • Where is the Pork Belly Hoagie Sold at Paycor Stadium? Smoke ‘N’ Sizzle
  • Location: Section 150

#2 – Burnt Ends Breakfast

  • Description: The NFL will promote the “Game Time” theme for the upcoming season, where most teams will create food items for brunch and late-night games. As for the Bengals, they will sell Korean BBQ Burnt Ends that partner with Scrambled Eggs, Chopped Yukon Gold Potatoes, Kimchi Slaw, and Pickled Red Onion. Please note that this offering is only available for early afternoon contests. 
  • Where are the Burnt Ends Breakfasts Sold at Paycor Stadium? Smoke ‘N’ Sizzle
  • Location: Section 150

#1 – Loaded Chicken Nachos

  • Description: This exciting dish focuses on Shredded Chicken that goes well with Tortilla Chips, Queso Blanco, Pico de Gallo Salsa, and Cilantro Cream. Ticket holders can also order beef as another option on the menu. 
  • Where is the Loaded Chicken Nachos Plate Sold at Paycor Stadium? Nacho Tigre
  • Location: Sections 148, 132, 122, 102, 338, and 308
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