St. Louis Cardinals Frequently Asked Questions

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Got some Busch Stadium questions on tickets, hotels, or places to park? What are the St. Louis Cardinals Frequently Asked Questions?

We couldn’t be more excited to tackle the frequently asked questions about our cherished St. Louis Cardinals in today’s session. Let’s jump straight into it and quench your thirst for knowledge without any further delay!

St. Louis Cardinals Frequently Asked Questions

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What are some of the popular food options at Busch Stadium?

  • The ballpark offers many mouth-watering food options, such as homemade donuts, steakburgers, hot dogs, ice cream, and more. To check out the concession stands available at the venue, please use this link. In 2023, the Redbirds introduced new menu options for fans to sample, including the Red-Bun Fried Chicken Sandwich (The 314) and the Buffalo Chicken Taco. Please click here for a complete list of the latest food offerings at Busch Stadium in 2023.

Where can I buy tickets for a St. Louis Cardinals game?

  • Local enthusiasts and visiting fans have many ways to purchase single-game tickets at Busch Stadium:
  • (1) showcases the visiting clubs along with that day’s theme night and group deals.
  • (2) Busch Stadium Box Office – Opens at 10:00 A.M. and closes 90 minutes after the weekday first pitch. For the weekend homestands, tickets will open at 12:00 P.M. for night games and 10:00 A.M. for afternoon contests. If the team doesn’t have a home game that day, the hours will be 10:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M. local time. 
  • (3) Third Party Sites & Apps like StubHub™, Ticketmaster®, and SeatGeek can offer price discounts and good seating suggestions.

Where can I buy jerseys and other merchandise at Busch Stadium? 

  • You can find the official team store at the 3rd Base Concourse, between Gates 3 and 4. Other retail shops are available in the Right Field Concourse (near Gate 1) and the Center Field Area (Hat Shack).

Do the Cardinals sell Vegetarian or Vegan food? 

  • If you’re in St. Louis and looking for meat-free options, you’re in luck! The local food scene has plenty to offer. Mission Taco Joint in Home Plate, Section 150, serves a delicious Plant-Based Soft Taco, while Broadway Market in Right Field, Section 108, provides a Vegetarian & Cheese Stromboli. If you’re in the mood for pizza, head to Dizzy’s Diner in 1st base, Section 139, for their Mega-Sliced Cheese Pizza. For a full vegan/vegetarian options list, click on the following link

Do infants/babies need a ticket to get into Busch Stadium? 

  • Parents do not need to buy tickets for toddlers and babies as long as little ones are three years old or younger. This policy applies to both general seating and luxury suites. 

Are umbrellas allowed during a Cardinals game? 

  • In a possible event where rainy weather and warm summer days arrive at a Redbirds game, spectators can bring their umbrellas as long as they don’t mess with other fans’ enjoyment. 

Is Busch Stadium doing post-game fireworks this year? 

  • Unfortunately, the ballpark will not display fireworks for this season.

What time do the gates open for St. Louis Cardinals games? 

  • For Monday-Thursday home contests, the doors usually open 90 minutes before the first pitch. Meanwhile, weekend games would open two hours before the matchup starts. 

Does Busch Stadium have any baby-changing stations? 

  • Moms with toddlers and babies can find changing stations in most bathrooms at the venue. 

Are the Cardinals doing fan giveaways this year?

  • Throughout the current season, STL is offering freebies on select games. These giveaways include children’s toys, t-shirts, jersey replicas, hats, and bobbleheads. Please click here for a complete guide to the 2023 Cardinals Stadium Giveaways.

Am I allowed to re-enter Busch Stadium if I leave for some reason? 

  • Fans will be permitted to exit and re-enter the ballpark as long as they follow these procedures:
  • (1) After getting the tickets scanned by ushers, head over to either Gate 4 (Left Field) or Gate 1 (Right Field). 
  • (2) Receive a hand stamp before leaving the stadium to get something from the car or for whatever reason. 
  • (3) Returning spectators can enter at any gate from when gates open until 1.5 hours following the first pitch. 

How can I get involved with the St. Louis Cardinals community outreach program? 

  • Those who want to help can donate to Cardinals Care, which focuses on field remodeling projects and youth softball/baseball programs. In fact, the non-profit charity organization receives donations via auctions and 50/50 raffle tickets. There are also volunteering opportunities where interested folks can help in STL’s events, like Redbird Rookies, 50/50 Raffle Shows, and Winter Warm-Up. However, the local team can only provide financial relief to non-profit organizations in Missouri, Kansas, Illinois, Iowa, Oklahoma, Kentucky, Mississippi, Indiana, Arkansas, and Tennessee. 

Am I allowed to bring outside food & drinks to Busch Stadium? 

  • Baseball enthusiasts can bring their own food and drinks as long as their water bottles are sealed and do not exceed 2 liters in volume. Additionally, their snacks should meet the venue’s bag policy requirements. Please be aware that outside foods only apply to general seating and are disallowed at the suite level and the home plate club.

What is the bag policy for St. Louis Cardinals games? 

  • To ensure everyone’s safety, only the following items are allowed for ticket holders: (1) a bag that measures less than 10″ x 8″ x 10″, (2) a diaper bag in a sack, and (3) a medical emergency bag. Soft-sided coolers and purses that meet the height requirement are also allowed, but backpacks and luggage are not permitted.

Can I tour Busch Stadium?

  • The team has a 1.0-Hour Classic Tour (rain or shine) on select days throughout the season. The experience includes access to the Cardinals Hall of Fame Museum (Ballpark Village) and the areas usually closed to fans on game day: the dugout, warning track, broadcast booth, Redbird Club, and UMB Champions Club. Beginning in 2023, the team will debut a new experience called 360 Busch Stadium Tour. This 45-minute walk covers the best sights at the ballpark along with Scoreboard Patio, Press Dining Room, and Budweiser® Terrace.

Do the Cardinals sell parking passes? 

  • Redbird supporters can now buy parking spots in advance as part of the latest technology trend. Busch Stadium offers a variety of parking spaces across the street from the home plate entrance and the parking garage near Ballpark Village. Fans must present their parking passes through the Ballpark App to the site ushers to gain access. To see available dates and locations, please follow this link

Where can I find the Build-A-Bear® Store at Busch Stadium? 

  • Children can get their very own Fredbird plush toy or teddy bear at Ford Plaza in the centerfield concourse. It is close to Gate 5 and the Sensory Room. 

Do the Cardinals have a Sensory Room? If so, then where is it at the ballpark?

  • This area aims to create a safe environment for those who need to calm down or find a place to reduce stress. The sensory room is between the Build-A-Bear® Store and Gate 5 at Ford Plaza in the outfield.

Are there any theme nights or promotions happening at Busch Stadium? 

  • Looking for some exciting theme days? The Redbirds have got you covered this year! Mark your calendars for Christmas in the Summer (July), Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Night (August), and St. Louis Blues Day (September). For the club’s promotional schedule list, click this link

Can I watch the Cardinals take batting practice?

  • Home and visiting teams hold practices according to their own schedule and weather conditions. Unfortunately, fans won’t be able to witness the entire Cardinals batting practice because the home team will either finish or leave the field to prepare for the game before the gates open. Therefore, onlookers are more likely to see opposing teams’ hitting exercises.

Will Busch Stadium host concerts and other live music? 

  • The venue for the Cardinals is set to host two major concerts this summer featuring Morgan Wallen on July 6 and 7, and Guns N’ Roses on September 9. In the past, renowned musical artists such as Paul McCartney in 2016, Metallica in 2017, and Ed Sheeran in 2018 have performed at the same venue.

Can I have food or drinks on the field during post-game concerts? 

  • For the safety of the baseball field and the main artists, event-day ticket holders will not be allowed to bring any snacks or beverages onto the field. 

Is the Cardinals Hall of Fame open on non-game days? 

  • The St. Louis Cardinals Hall of Fame is available to the public on game days and off days from 10:00 A.M. until 6:00 P.M. As for home contests, the museum will be accessible from gates open until the bottom of the 7th inning. 
  • The museum has the following crowd-pleasing exhibits: Championship Gallery, Holding History, Broadcast Boot Replica, Stadium Replicas, and Hall of Fame Plaques. Notable members of the team’s Hall of Fame are: Manager Tony La Russa, RHP Bruce Sutter, SS Ozzie Smith, Broadcaster Mike Shannon, C Tim McCarver, 1B Mark McGwire, OF Jim Edmonds, RHP Chris Carpenter, and many more. 

Are there any best-reviewed hotels located next to Busch Stadium? 

  • When visiting the Cardinals venue, Redbird supporters have several hotel accommodations to choose from. However, it’s worth noting that some places have received better reviews than others regarding service and hospitality. Thankfully, there is a helpful article that highlights the Top 3 Hotels Located Close to Busch Stadium.

Where can I find the elevators at the Cardinals game? 

  • The facility has elevators available for those who require them. They are conveniently located throughout the premises.

Has anyone on the team ever won the Cy Young Award? 

  • RHP Chris Carpenter won the Redbirds’ most recent top pitcher trophy in 2005: 21-5 Record, 2.83 Earned Run Average, and 213 Strikeouts. The only other time a St. Louis ace won that award in team history was Right-Hander Bob Gibson (1968 and 1970).

Has a Cardinals pitcher ever thrown a no-hitter in franchise history? 

  •  It has been over 20 years since the club achieved a no-hitter, which occurred in 2001 when LHP Bud Smith threw one against the San Diego Padres. In St. Louis baseball history, there have been other notable no-hitters, including Jose Jimenez (1999 vs. Arizona), Bob Forsch (1978 vs. Philadelphia & 1983 vs. Montreal), Bob Gibson (1971 vs. Pittsburgh), and Ray Washburn (1968 vs. San Francisco).

Who is the current manager for the St. Louis Cardinals? 

  • In 2022, Oliver Marmol took over as the manager for STL following the dismissal of Mike Schildt, who had held the position the previous couple of seasons. Before Schildt, the team was led by Mike Matheny from 2012 to 2018 and Tony La Russa from 1996 to 2011.

What is the official seating capacity for Busch Stadium? 

  • The venue for STL baseball boasts a seating capacity of over 45,000, making it one of the largest in the big leagues. In addition to general seating, Redbirds ballpark offers premium seating options such as the Cardinals Home Plate Club, Diamond Box Seats on Level 100, and the Infield Redfield Club on Level 200.

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