Royals 2024 New Foods Include Uncrustable® Sundae

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Kauffman Stadium Unveils Royals 2024 New Foods that feature BBQ Chicken Pizza, Chicken Teriyaki Sliders, Blue Bun Burgers, & More!

Join us as the Kansas City Royals announce new food concessions, drinks and dessert options at Kauffman Stadium for the 2024 season. 

Royals 2024 New Foods Include Uncrustable® Sundae

Are you going to the Royals games this year? Want new menu options to try at Kauffman Stadium in 2024?

Opening Day vs. Twins at The K is about a couple days away, and the American league baseball club has a new food lineup ready for fans to enjoy. Kauffman Stadium and food provider Aramark® have announced some new menu options for 2024 that will be sold in the general concourses as well as suite levels. Those options range from BBQ pizzas to elevated sandwiches and even gourmet sliders. 

There are also returning favorites like KCQ-Local Craft BBQ, Tenders, Love & Chicken, and Belfonte™ Ice Cream. While some of the food offerings are being sold at multiple stands, there are other menu items that are only available at one location. For complete details on the 2024 Kansas City Royals food lineup and locations, please refer to the information below! 

Dessert-Royals 2024 New Foods

Uncrustable® Sundae

  • Description: The exciting addition to the Royals’ food lineup consists of a Deep-Fried Grape Uncrustable® that complements a Peanut Butter Fudge Ice Cream, Vanilla Whipped Cream, and Chocolate Drizzle. 
  • Where are the Uncrustable® Sundaes Sold? Rivals Sports Bar (Open to All Fans)
  • Location: Behind Sections 250-252 (Right Field)

Mini Ice Cream Sandwich Duo

  • Description: One of the popular social spaces at Kauffman Stadium will debut a new set of treats to choose from: Chocolate Chip Cookie with Vanilla Ice Cream, Peanut Butter Cookie with Strawberry Ice Cream, or Double Chocolate Cookie with Chocolate Ice Cream. The sandwiches are then served with Hot Fudge Dip. 
  • Where are the Mini Ice Cream Sandwich Duos Sold? Craft & Draft (Open to All 300 Level Guests)
  • Location: Next to Section 301 (3rd Base)

Elevated Ballpark Fare-Royals 2024 New Foods

The Royal Q Pizza

  • Description: The newest stand at The K features a Specialty Pizza with Smoked Chicken, BBQ Sauce, Mushrooms, Red Onion, and Black Olives. 
  • Where are the Royal Q Pizzas Sold? Buffalo State Pizza
  • Location: Section 252 (Right Field)


  • Description: The fan-favorite at Royals games will include Chopped Beef Brisket that goes with Tostitos® Nacho Chips, BBQ Sauce, Creamy Cheese Corn, Coleslaw, and Baked Beans. The item is served in either a large souvenir helmet or a mini light blue helmet. 
  • Where are the BrisketAchos Sold? Multiple Areas
  • Location: Sections 251 (Right Field), 234 (1st Base), 221 (3rd Base), 422 (Home Plate), and 417 (Home Plate)

Moon Dog

  • Description: This dish resembles Two All-Beef Hot Dogs that partner with Blue Moon® Onion Jam, Bacon, and Mustard on a Potato Bun. 
  • Where are the Moon Dogs Sold? Miller Lite® Fountain Bar
  • Location: Section 202 (Left Field)

Italian Sausage

  • Description: Kauffman Stadium has a new food stand that will sell Italian Sausages with Mustard and Choice of Toppings. 
  • Where are the Italian Sausages Sold? Italian Sausage Co. 
  • Location: Section 234 (1st Base)

KCQ-Local Craft BBQ Expansion

  • Description: The returning food-rotation concept will expand its presence this season with participating restaurants including SMOAK Craft BBQ, Scott’s Kitchen, and Chef J’ BBQ. 
  • Where are the Local Craft Barbeque Items Sold? KCQ-Local Craft BBQ
  • Location: Sections 232 (1st Base) and 216 (3rd Base)

Crazy Creations-Royals 2024 New Foods

Back the Blue Burger

  • Description: Perhaps the most Instagram-worthy food option highlights an All-Beef Patty that works well with Bacon, Blue Cheese Crumble, Buffalo mayo, and Lettuce on a Royals Blue Bun. 
  • Where are the Back the Blue Burgers Sold? Craft & Draft (Open to All 300 Level Guests)
  • Location: Next to Section 301 (3rd Base)

Chicken & Waffle Cone

  • Description: The one-of-a-kind offering will contain Fried Chicken Tenders with Choice of Sauce (BBQ, Honey Mustard, Buttermilk Ranch, or Buffalo), Waffle Fries, and Hot Honey Drizzle in a Waffle Cone. 
  • Where are the XL Footlong Sonoran Style Dogs Sold? Rivals Sports Bar (Open to All Fans)
  • Location: Behind Sections 250-252 (Right Field)

Teriyaki Chicken Sliders

  • Description: The flavors of Japan are coming to Kansas City thanks to the Teriyaki Chicken Thighs with Sesame Slaw and Grilled Pineapple on a Toasted Bun. Customers should receive three mini sandwiches per order. 
  • Where are the Teriyaki Chicken Sliders Sold? Craft & Draft (Open to All 300 Level Guests)
  • Location: Next to Section 301 (3rd Base)

Italian Beef Sandwich

  • Description: Fans can sample the tastes of Chicago by trying Roast Beef and Grilled Peppers on a White Hoagie Bun. The meal is then served with an Aus Jus dipping sauce. 
  • Where are the Italian Beef Sandwiches Sold? Grinder’s
  • Location: Section 247 (Right Field)

Twisted Dog

  • Description: The new hot dog to try at Royals games in 2024 represents a Skewered & Spiral Cut All-Beef Link with Jalapeno Cilantro Relish and Sweet Chili Doritos® Dust on a Toasted Bun. The updated take on a baseball classic is served with Waffle Fries and Queso Sauce. 
  • Where are the Twisted Dogs Sold? Rivals Sports Bar (Open to All Fans)
  • Location: Behind Sections 250-252 (Right Field)

Lobster Roll Sliders

  • Description: This dish will showcase New England Lobster that accommodates Summer Corn Salad and Fresh Dill on a Toasted Bun. 
  • Where are the Lobster Roll Sliders Sold? Craft & Draft (Open to All 300 Level Guests)
  • Location: Next to Section 301 (3rd Base)

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