Orioles 2024 New Foods Include Oreo® Mini Donuts

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Camden Yards Reveals Orioles 2024 New Foods that feature Buffalo Chicken Fries, Sweet Potato Nachos, Footlong Warehouse Dogs, & More!

Join us as the Baltimore Orioles announce new food concessions, drinks and dessert options at Camden Yards for the 2024 season. 

Orioles 2024 New Foods Include Oreo® Mini Donuts

Are you going to the Orioles games this year? Want new menu options to try at Camden Yards in 2024?

Opening Day vs. Angels in Baltimore is about a couple days away, and the Defending AL East Division Champions have a new food lineup ready for fans to enjoy. Camden Yards has announced some new menu options for 2024 that will be sold in the main level food stands as well as club levels. Those options range from vegetarian offerings to fried desserts and even gourmet sandwiches. 

There are also returning favorites like Boog’s BBQ on Eutaw Street, Jimmy’s® Famous Seafood, and Stuggy’s Hot Dogs. While some of the food offerings are being sold at multiple stands, there are other menu items that are only available at one location. For complete details on the 2024 Baltimore Orioles food lineup and locations, please refer to the information below! 

Dessert-Orioles 2024 New Foods

Oreo® Smash Mini Donuts

  • Description: A top-selling food truck in Maryland is coming to Orioles games in 2024. Introducing the Homemade Vanilla Pastry garnished with Crushed Chocolate Sandwich Cookies, Whipped Cream, and Chocolate Drizzle. Customers should receive about 4-5 donuts per order. 
  • Where are the Oreo® Smash Mini Donuts Sold? Deddle’s Mini Donuts
  • Location: Sections 84 (Left Field); Only Open on Saturday & Sunday Home Games

Funnel Cake

  • Description: The team will begin to sell Deep-Fried Batter that is topped with a Sauce (Strawberry or Chocolate), Whipped Cream, and Powdered Sugar. 
  • Where are the Funnel Cakes Sold? Multiple Areas
  • Location: Sections 62 (3rd Base), 17 (1st Base), and 333 (Home Plate)

Fried Plates-Orioles 2024 New Foods

Loaded Buffalo Chicken Fries

  • Description: This dish showcases Crispy Chicken that collaborates with French Fries, Buffalo Sauce, Blue Cheese Crumbles, Celery Slaw, and Blue Cheese Dressing. 
  • Where are the Loaded Buffalo Chicken Fries Sold? The Local Fry
  • Location: Section 27 (1st Base) and 368 (3rd Base)

Big Mozz™ Mozzarella Sticks

  • Description: The newest addition to the Orioles’ food lineup will include Fried Mozzarella Sticks that are accompanied with Homemade Vodka Sauce. 
  • Where are the Big Mozz™ Mozzarella Sticks Sold? B&O Market, SuperBook Bar & Restaurant, and Bleacher Grill
  • Location: All 3 Restaurants are on Eutaw Street (Right Field)

O.G. Spicy Chicken Sandwich

  • Description: The meal consists of a Fried Habanero-Brind Chicken Breast that goes well with Pickle Slices and Original Mayo Sauce on a Potato Roll. The hand-held favorite can be served with Waffle Fries. 
  • Where are the O.G. Spicy Chicken Sandwiches Sold? FUKU Chicken
  • Location: Sections 49 (3rd Base) and 332 (Home Plate)
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Elevated Ballpark Fare-Orioles 2024 New Foods

Footlong Warehouse Dog

  • Description: The upgraded take on a baseball classic will showcase a 12-Inch Beef Link that is smothered with Horseradish Sauce, Pit Beef Queso, Crispy onions, and Pico de Gallo on a Pretzel Bun. 
  • Where are the Footlong Warehouse Dogs Sold? Bleacher Grill
  • Location: Eutaw Street (Right Field)

Chicken Flatbread Sandwich

  • Description: For those who want a lighter option, they can rely on the Shredded Rotisserie Chicken that partners with Roasted Pepper Mayo, Tomato Cucumber Salad, Arugula Leaves, and Cilantro Pesto on a Flatbread. 
  • Where are the Chicken Flatbread Sandwiches Sold? Eutaw Street Butchery
  • Location: Eutaw Street (Right Field)

9-Inch Personal Pizzas

  • Description: Why buy just one slice when the fans can order an entire mini pizza for themselves. The new offering will give customers a Choice of Topping (Pepperoni or Cheese) with Marinara Sauce and Chopped Herbs on a White Dough. 
  • Where are the 9-Inch Personal Pizzas Sold? Squire’s Pizza
  • Location: Sections 53 (3rd Base), 11 (1st Base), 360 (3rd Base), and 316 (1st Base)

The O.G. Fuzz Burger

  • Description: This dish resembles Two Smashed Beef Patties that is layered with American Cheese, Special Sauce, Tomato, Iceberg Lettuce, and Dill Pickles on a Toasted White Bun. 
  • Where are the O.G. Fuzz Burgers Sold? Fuzzies Burgers
  • Location: Section 67 (3rd Base)

Ribeye Cheesesteak

  • Description: The O’s faithful can sample the flavors of Philadelphia at Camden Yards thanks to the Shaved Ribeye Pieces with Melted Provolone Cheese and Grilled Peppers on a White Hoagie. 
  • Where are the Ribeye Cheesesteaks Sliders Sold? Pat & Stugg’s
  • Location: Section 44 (Home Plate)

Steak Burger

  • Description: The elevated version of an American staple will have the ingredients of Omaha Steak® Beef Patty that works well with Caramelized Onions, American Cheese, Special Sauce, and Dill Pickle on Brioche Bun. 
  • Where are the Steak Burgers Sold? Eutaw Street Butchery
  • Location: Eutaw Street (Right Field)

Rotisserie Chicken Platter

  • Description: This unique experience highlights a Half Piece of Roasted Chicken with the sidekicks of Coleslaw and three-Cheese Mac & Cheese. 
  • Where are the Rotisserie Chicken Platters Sold? Eutaw Street Butchery
  • Location: Eutaw Street (Right Field)

Vegetarian-Orioles 2024 New Foods

Impossible™ Nuggets

  • Description: One of the top allergy-friendly food options at Camden Yards will focus on Eight Plant-Based Pieces that are drizzled with a Spicy & Sweet Glaze. 
  • Where are the Impossible™ Nuggets Sold? FUKU Chicken
  • Location: Sections 49 (3rd Base) and 332 (Home Plate)

Sweet Potato Nachos

  • Description: The returning taco stand will debut a new nachos selection for 2024: Sweet Potatoes with Roasted Garlic Chipotle Mayo, Black Beans, and Pickled Red Onions piled on top of Tortilla Chips. 
  • Where are the Sweet Potato Nachos Sold? Vida Taco
  • Location: Eutaw Street (Right Field)

Bean & Cheese Pupusa

  • Description: The flavors of Salvadorian Cuisine will have the components of a Griddle Cornmeal Cake stuffed with Hispanic Cheese, and Black Beans. 
  • Where are the Bean & Cheese Pupusas Sold? Maria’s Pupuseria Factory
  • Location: Section 69 (Left Field)

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