List of Rogers Centre Renovation Plans: 2022-2024

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Blue Jays Unveil Renovation Plans for Rogers Centre that Will be Ready in 2024! List of Rogers Centre Renovation Plans for 2022-2024!

Hello Everyone! Welcome to Sports Teller! Today, we will be going over the List of Rogers Centre Renovation Plans: 2022-2024! In fact, we will be showcasing the team’s remodeling history in its home ballpark. Without further adieu, let’s begin!

List of Rogers Centre Renovation Plans: 2022-2024

The Home of the Toronto Blue Jays is Getting New Upgrades!

Just three months after the Blue Jays were eliminated in the AL Wild Card Series vs. Mariners, Rogers Centre will be getting a huge makeover. Back in November, Toronto revealed a major slate of renovations that will begin during the 2022-2023 off-season and is scheduled to be finished by Opening Day 2024. This will be the first remodeling project for the Blue Jays ballpark since 2015 when they upgraded their retractable roof. In recent years, the Toronto ballpark received additional video boards prior to the 2022 campaign. 

Rogers Centre has been the official home of the Toronto Blue Jays (MLB) since 1989. Since its opening, the stadium hosted one All-Star Game (1991) and two World Series (1992 vs. Braves, & 1993 vs. Phillies). The Toronto venue has also witnessed three no-hitters: 2011 by Justin Verlander (Tigers), 2018 by James Paxton (Mariners), and Verlander again in 2019 (Astros). 

Now, for the new round of renovations, what is going to happen with Rogers Centre by 2024? What upgrades will the Canadian ballpark receive during the remodeling period? Will the Blue Jays add more social spaces like other MLB stadiums? For the List of Rogers Centre Renovation Plans for 2022-2024, please refer to the information below! 

2022-2023 Rogers Centre Renovation Timeline

Revamping the Bullpens for Both Teams

  • When the fans enter the Blue Jays stadium for Opening Day 2023, they will notice a major change in left field and right field. Rogers Centre will raise the teams’ bullpens from the ground level to the outfield seating level. In previous seasons, relief pitchers for the home and visiting clubs would warm-up on ground level and then walk up the stairs to watch the games. But with the newly revamped bullpens, players can just warm-up and watch the games at the same time. Also, spectators would get a closer view of relief pitchers and closers. The Blue Jays are one of several teams whose bullpens are located at right field and left field in front of the outfield seats: White Sox, Tigers, Yankees, Royals, Diamondbacks, and Cardinals. 

Getting Rid of Level 500 Seats

  • The Blue Jays will be giving the highest level of the stadium some new energy by eliminating all seats from the 500 sections. Rogers Centre will replace them with new ones in time for the upcoming season. The seat-replacement plan was long overdue because of the fact that they were the last remaining original seats from the SkyDome’s grand opening in 1989. Given the seats’ long shelf life at the ballpark, the team will provide details on a later date in terms of whether those old seats will be up for auction or displayed as part of Rogers Centre’s stadium tours. 

More Level 100 Seats in the Outfield

  • Starting in 2023, the Blue Jays will have the most fan-oriented outfield in franchise history. That means spectators and ticket holders will be closer to the game than ever before. In years past, there was about a 12-foot gap between the outfield walls and the fan seating section. Along with the updated bullpens, the entire outfield area will be connected to the actual baseball game itself rather than a 12-foot gap separation. 

New Social Spaces Throughout Blue Jays Stadium

  • In order to create an experience where fans won’t miss any game action, Toronto is adding multiple social gathering areas where club-ticket holders can have fun and watch the Blue Jays compete on the field. Overall, there will be three new social spaces for Rogers Centre in 2023. 
  • First, the Bullpen Patio will provide standing-room areas where fans can get a glimpse of the baseball game. Located adjacent to the Blue Jays’ revamped bullpen, the right field-level 100 social space will also have a field-level (two-row) seating area situated beneath the Bullpen Patio. Above the patio section will be an open-standing area where all ticket holders will access the area via main concourse to catch the action without waiting in the aisles for stoppage of play. 
  • Second, the Blue Jays will eliminate the level 500 seats at left field and replace them with a new two-row social gathering area that is filled with tables and seats. Finally, the right field level 500 seats will have the same makeover as left field with high chairs and tables. 

Improved Players Amenities

  • Not only will the team improve the overall fan experience in 2023, but they will also enhance the game-day ambiance for players and coaches alike. For instance, the Blue Jays will be getting a brand new weight room where the players can work out and prepare for their next contest. In addition, there will be a players’ family room where their wives and children hang out during game days. Last but not least, there will be new locker rooms for the ballpark staff (concessions, security, ushers). All three of those upcoming upgrades will take place at field level. 

2023-2024 Rogers Centre Renovation Timeline

Remodeling Both Teams’ Clubhouses

  • Beginning on Opening Day 2024, Rogers Centre will be updating its clubhouses for the home club, the visitors, and the umpires. Among those clubhouse changes include modified gym spaces, new player/coach lockers, and showers. The Blue Jays are not the only team with clubhouse remodeling plans in the 2020’s, as the Cleveland Guardians are modifying those player experiences in 2025. 

Updating Premium Seating at Field Level

  • Could Rogers Centre get a new home plate club? Even though Toronto has not said anything about that idea, it might be possible since the team plans on updating premium seating areas at field level. Another idea in mind for the upgrades would be to add premium areas along the 1st base or 3rd base line. If the Blue Jays decide to go in that direction, they would join the following teams that provide field-level premium seating at 1st base or 3rd base: Rays, Yankees, Angels, and Royals. 

Getting Rid of Level 100 Infield Seats

  • Similar to Toronto’s 2023 plan for the stadium’s top floor, Rogers Centre will remove fan seats at the level 100 infield and replace them with new ones. Along with the new premium seating options, the entire level 100 will have a whole new look in 2024. At some point during the 2023-2024 off-season, the team will provide information in terms of what would happen with the old seats. 

Recent Rogers Centre Renovation History


  • New Playing Surface from FieldTurf to AstroTurf


  • Retractable Roof Improvements with New Weather Station & Roof-Slide Technology


  • Additional Video Screens Adjacent to the Centerfield Jumbotron
  • New Stadium Lights
  • Updated Food & Drink Offerings
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