List of Progressive Field Renovation Plans: 2023-2025

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Guardians Announce Renovations for Progressive Field that will be Ready in 2025! List of Progressive Field Renovation Plans for 2023-2025!

Hello Everyone! Welcome to Sports Teller! Today, we will be going over the List of Progressive Field Renovation Plans for 2023-2025! In fact, we will be showcasing the team’s remodeling history in its home ballpark. Without further adieu, let’s begin!

List of Progressive Field Renovation Plans for 2023-2025

The Home of the Cleveland Guardians is Getting New Upgrades!

Just three months after the Guardians were knocked out of the Division Series vs. New York Yankees, Progressive Field will be getting a huge makeover. On January 12, Cleveland announced a new slate of renovations that will begin after the 2023 season and is scheduled to be finished by the end of 2025. This will be the first remodeling project for the Guardians ballpark since 2015. In fact, its nearby arena (Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse) received major renovations during the 2018-2019 period. 

Progressive Field has been the official home of the Cleveland Guardians (MLB) since 1994. Since its opening, the ballpark hosted two All-Star Games (1997 & 2019) and three World Series (1995 vs. Braves, 1997 vs. Marlins & 2016 vs. Cubs). Progressive Field has also witnessed three no-hitters: 2011 by Ervin Santana (Angels), 2021 Wade Miley (Reds), and Brewers combined no-no in 2021. 

Now, for the new round of renovations, what is going to happen with Progressive Field by 2025? What upgrades will the Cleveland ballpark receive during the remodeling period? Will the Guardians add more social spaces like other MLB stadiums? For the List of Progressive Field Renovation Plans for 2023-2025, please refer to the information below! 

2023-2024 Progressive Field Renovation Timeline

Removal of Shipping Containers at Upper Right Field Deck

  • Once the upcoming 2023 season concludes, the team will get rid of the shipping containers seating areas located at the right field upper deck in place for a new experience. Speaking of new experience, there will be a new social space called Right Field Terrace. The upper deck section will be available to all ticket holders and large groups and it gives fans 360 views of the stadium as well as Downtown Cleveland, including Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse. Right Field Terrace will also include multiple picnic tables, a craft beer bar, and numerous television screens. The Guardians will not be the only team to implement an upper deck social gathering in its ballpark. At Coors Field in Denver, the Rockies have The Rooftop (right field), where spectators can get panoramic views of the downtown skyline in addition to the Rocky Mountains. Also, Busch Stadium in St. Louis has a Budweiser® Terrace (at the same location) where it has cushioned seats and views of the Cardinals ballpark as well as the Gateway Arch. 

Grab & Go Food Stands for the Upper Deck

  • Grab & Go Concession Stands are becoming a recent trend for baseball stadiums and arenas alike. To keep up with that trend, the Guardians will be installing four such food stations where spectators can grab their food choices (fruit cups, salads, sandwiches) without missing much of the game action. The Grab & Go stands, which will be located in the upper deck, are quite popular because the food is already packaged and prepared for fans to get rather than have them wait long for their meals to be cooked. 

View Box Bars for the Upper Deck

  • In 2024, Progressive Field will open two View Box Bars behind home plate in the upper deck level. The social gathering area is free to all ticket holders and will include a beer bar in addition to tables and television screens. Instead of having fans wait until the half-inning is over, they can just head over to the View Box Bars to catch the game action. 

Upper Left Field Field Social Terrace

  • Similar to the Right Field Terrace, there will be a social space located at the left field upper deck. Just like the other side, the Left Field Social Terrace will include a beer hall with picnic tables and 360 views of the stadium & Downtown Cleveland. Also to keep in mind is that this offering will be available to all ticket holders. 

East 9th Street Building

  • Located adjacent to right field, the new four-story building will have the following: a rooftop seating section, a new kitchen for the team’s concessions department, more storage areas, and a Family Deck food market. In addition, the building’s exterior will be decorated with large 20-25 foot posters of Guardians players. 

2024-2025 Progressive Field Renovation Timeline

Removal of the Dugout Suites

  • Beginning in 2025, Progressive Field will do away with the dugout suites and replace them with a brand new Dugout Club. The home plate club will be open-air (unlike the suites) and will expand beyond home plate. The new seating area will also include an indoor-lounge located beneath the home plate seats and will offer an all-you-can-eat buffet as well as multiple beer bars. Overall, the Dugout Club will have a maximum capacity of 300 fans and will provide waiter-service. With the Guardians getting rid of the enclosed dugout suite concept, that leaves Angel Stadium (Angels) and Globe Life Field (Rangers) and the only ballparks to offer that format. 

Revamping the 3rd Base Terrace Club

  • The 3rd Base Side Terrace Club will eliminate the majority of the indoor-element of the social gathering and it will be revamped as an open-air seating area. Located in the 200-300 levels, the new social gathering section will only be available to club ticket holders only. Anyway, the Terrace Club will provide waiter-service and will be an outdoor offering to give fans the real feel of summer baseball. Fortunately, those seeking air-conditioning can rely on the club’s indoor food concessions/beer bar area where fans can enjoy food and sit at the picnic tables. 

Expansion of the Administration/Front Office Building

  • Located adjacent to the stadium’s 3rd base side, the current four-story building will construct a fifth floor in addition to the following: an updated front office and a modified staff entrance. The administration building is also the official location for the Guardians’ Team Store, so it’s possible (not guaranteed) that the retail area could be getting an uplift. 

Player Clubhouses/Team Services Makeover

  • Perhaps the most significant renovation plan for the ballpark team-wise is remodeling the clubhouses for the Guardians, the visiting teams, and the umpires. Also, players and coaches will be seeing new installations to the franchise’s gym/rehab facilities as well as improved kitchens for Cleveland, visitors, and umpiring crews to rely on during game days. 

Recent Progressive Field Renovation History


  • New Video Board at Left Field
  • Addition of The Corner Social Area at Right Field
  • New Players Bullpens in Centerfield
  • Expansion of Kids Clubhouse (Upper Level on 1st Base Side)
  • Addition of Lexus® Home Plate Boxes
  • Enhanced Food Concessions
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