Kansas City Royals Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you have any Kauffman Stadium questions on parking, tickets & food? What are the Kansas City Royals Frequently Asked Questions?

We are thrilled to delve into today’s session’s frequently asked questions about our beloved Kansas City Royals. So, without wasting another moment, let’s dive right in and satisfy your curiosity!

Kansas City Royals Frequently Asked Questions

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Am I allowed to bring outside food & drinks to Kauffman Stadium? 

  • You are welcome to bring your own food and drinks to the ballpark, provided that your water bottles are sealed and do not exceed 1 liter in volume. Additionally, your snack bags should be clear and individually sized.

What is the bag policy for Kansas City Royals games? 

  • For safety purposes, attendees are only permitted to bring the following items: (1) a diaper bag that has been properly inspected for small children and babies, (2) a clear one-gallon Ziploc® bag, (3) a clear bag measuring 12” x 12” x 6”, and (4) a little clutch bag measuring 9” x 5”. Please note that backpacks and luggage are not allowed inside the venue.

Can I tour Kauffman Stadium?

  • The team offers 75-minute classic ballpark tours on select days throughout the season (rain or shine) and the early parts of the year. The experience includes access to the official team store and the areas not usually open to the public: press box, dugout, diamond club, and interview room. There are other types of visits to choose from, like the 90-minute All-Star Tour (Royals Hall of Fame, Triple Crown Suite) and the 2-hour MVP Tour (broadcast level, dugout suites). For available dates and tickets, please click here

Do the Royals sell parking passes? 

  • Baseball fans can now purchase parking passes in advance as part of the latest technology trend. The Truman Sports Complex offers a variety of parking spaces to choose from, but to gain access, fans must present their parking passes through the MLB App to the attendants. To see available dates and locations, please follow this link.

What are the operating hours for the Outfield Plaza attractions (mini golf, carousel, etc)? 

  • Before the start of a game, visitors can enjoy thrilling rides and fun activities with their families. These attractions are open 60 minutes on weekdays and 90 minutes on weekends. The closing time takes place at the end of the game. However, fireworks displays and rainy weather may cause them to close earlier. It’s important to note that tokens, not cash, are required to access these attractions. The Outfield Plaza is where you can find 5-Hole Slugger’s Mini Golf, Carousel, Children’s Playground, Throwing Pitcher’s Mound, and Batting Challenge.

Where can I locate the “My First Royals Game” certificate? 

  • Kansas City fans can obtain certificates at Guest Serves located behind the Diamond Club lobby on Plaza Level (200 seats). They don’t need to worry if they cannot find a certificate because they can print one at home. There are two types of certificates to download: the adult and the child versions. Please click here to print your own First Royals Game Certificate

Does Kauffman Stadium have any baby-changing stations? 

  • Mothers with infants and toddlers can locate changing stations in every bathroom at the ballpark. 

Are the Royals doing fan giveaways this year?

  • For the current season, the boys in blue will provide freebies on select games throughout the year. These giveaways are not limited to player bobbleheads, jersey replicas, t-shirts, and hats. Please click here for a complete guide to the 2023 Royals Stadium Giveaways

What are some of the popular food options at Kauffman Stadium?

  • The ballpark will sell many exciting menu options, like KC-style barbecue, hot dogs, burgers, chicken tenders, and nachos. If you want to know the team’s concession stands at the venue, please click on this link! But for 2023, the Royals unveiled new food selections for fans to sample, such as the Korean Corn Dog and the Rodeo Onion Ring Burger. Please click here for a complete list of fresh food offerings at Kauffman Stadium in 2023

Where can I buy tickets for a Kansas City Royals game?

  • Royals supporters and visiting fans have multiple options to purchase single-game tickets at The K:
  • (1) Kauffman Stadium Box Office – Opens 60 minutes before the first-weekday pitch and 90 minutes before the weekend contest. If the team doesn’t have a home game that day, the hours will be 11:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M. local time. 
  • (2) Royals.com showcases the opponents along with that day’s theme night and ticket deals starting at least $10.
  • (3) External Apps & Sites like SeatGeek, Ticketmaster®, and StubHub™ can offer price discounts and good seating suggestions.

Are there any theme nights or promotions happening at Kauffman Stadium? 

  • The Royals have got you covered for this year’s theme days. Notable events include the Big Slick Celebrity Softball Tournament (June), Margaritaville Night (July), and Missouri Tigers Day (August). Please click on this link for the complete list of the franchise’s 2023 promotional schedule

Can I watch the Royals take batting practice?

  • Practices for the home and visiting clubs are typically held as they see fit and depend on weather conditions. Regrettably, fans will not be able to view the entire Royals batting practice due to the home team either concluding the exercises or exiting the field to prepare for the game when the gates open. As a result, onlookers are more likely to observe hitting exercises performed by opposing teams.

Will Kauffman Stadium host concerts and other live music? 

Can I have food or drinks on the field during post-game concerts? 

  • For the safety of the main artists and everyone else, game-day ticket holders will not be permitted to bring any snacks or beverages onto the field. 

Is the Royals Hall of Fame open on non-game days? 

  • Whenever the men in blue aren’t playing at home, the only way to visit the team’s Hall of Fame is to book a 90-minute All-Star Tour. For available tickets and dates, please click here! During home contests, the museum is included with a game ticket price and is available from the gates open until the top half of the 8th inning. 
  • The hall has the following attention-drawing exhibits: Dugout Theatre, Ewing Kauffman Tribute, Ballparks from the Past, Franchise Timeline, Team Broadcasters, and Hall of Fame Inductees like Denny Matthews (Radio) and Dick Howser (Skipper of 1985 World Champions).

Where can I buy jerseys and other merchandise at Kauffman Stadium? 

  • There’s an official team store in the Home Plate Concourse adjacent to Gate C. In addition, other retail shops are located in the Outfield Plaza (Lil’ Slugger’s Kids Store) and near the Hall of Fame (20 Below Store). 

Do the Royals sell Vegetarian or Vegan food? 

  • In Kansas City, plant-based meal options will always be available in the kitchen. Some popular dishes include the Beyond Bratwurst at 203 Marketplace, Fried Cauliflower at Craft & Draft on Level 300, and Homemade Wraps & Salads at 203 Marketplace. To view a complete list of meat-free options, please click on the following link!

Is Kauffman Stadium doing post-game fireworks this year? 

  • For every Friday home contest, the Royals will showcase fireworks about 15-20 minutes after the game ends. For a complete list of the 2023 fireworks schedule, please click here

What time do the gates open for Kansas City Royals games? 

  • For weekday home contests, the doors usually open 60 minutes before the first pitch. Meanwhile, The K would extend its opening window to 90 minutes before game time on weekends. 

Are there any best-reviewed hotels located next to Kauffman Stadium? 

  • There are several hotel accommodations for sports enthusiasts to consider when visiting the Royals ballpark. However, some places received better reviews than others regarding service and hospitality. Fortunately, there is a great article on the 3 Great Hotels Close to Kauffman Stadium

Where can I find the elevators at the Royals game? 

  • For those who need them, the elevators are not far from the escalators located in the 3rd base and 1st base concourses. 

Am I allowed to re-enter Kauffman Stadium if I leave for some reason? 

  • Unfortunately, fans cannot return to the ballpark after leaving the gate entrances. So be really sure before deciding to exit the facility. 

How can I get involved with the Kansas City Royals community outreach program? 

  • Those who are interested can donate to Royals Charities, which focuses on youth sports, military families, and local field renovations. The franchise can also provide financial relief to non-profit organizations in Missouri, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa, and Arkansas. 

Do infants/babies need a ticket to get into Kauffman Stadium? 

  • As long as little ones are under 32 inches, parents do not need to purchase tickets for babies or toddlers. Please be aware that adults must check in strollers at guest services, and infants must sit on their laps.

Are umbrellas allowed during a Royals game? 

  • As long as ticket holders do not interfere with someone else’s enjoyment, they can bring a small umbrella for inclement or wet weather days.

Who is the current manager for the Kansas City Royals? 

  • Matt Quatraro became KC’s skipper in 2023 after the team fired Mike Matheney (2020-2022). Other previous managers were Ned Yost (2010-2019) and Trey Hillman (2008-2010). 

What is the official seating capacity for Kauffman Stadium? 

  • There are approximately 38,000 seats at the ballpark, making the home of KC baseball one of the smallest capacities in the big leagues. Along with general seats, the K has premium seating options like the Crown Home Plate Club, Diamond Club (Level 200), and Triple Crown Suites (Level 300). 

Has anyone on the team ever won the MLB MVP Award? 

  • Third Baseman George Brett claimed the American League’s Most Valuable Player Trophy in 1980: 0.390 BA, 24 HRs & 118 RBIs. As of today, Brett remains the only Royals player to ever win the league’s MVP honors. 

Has a Royals pitcher ever thrown a no-hitter in franchise history? 

  • It’s been over 30 years since the franchise completed a no-hitter. This feat transpired last in 1991 when RHP Bret Saberhagen tossed a no-no against the Chicago White Sox. In the team’s history, there have been three other no-hitters by a KC pitcher: Steve Busby twice (1973 vs. Detroit and 1974 vs. Milwaukee) and Jim Colborn (1977 vs. Texas).

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