7 MLB Stadiums that Serve the Best Milkshakes

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What are some of the most delicious shakes ever made by Major League Baseball? What are the 7 MLB stadiums that serve the best milkshakes?

Prepare for a delicious journey as we reveal the most incredible milkshakes served at the top baseball ballparks. We are incredibly excited to share this mouthwatering experience with you without any delay!

7 MLB Stadiums that Serve the Best Milkshakes

When baseball fans set out to visit all 30 ballparks in North America, they often seek unique culinary experiences. Spectators want to sample something different at each stadium, whether it’s snacks, hot dogs, or desserts. Also, fans may crave a sweet and refreshing drink after munching on a footlong hot dog during a game. In this article, we’ll explore some ballparks that offer the most creative and delicious milkshakes in Major League Baseball. Please note that food options may vary due to availability and the location of concession stands.

#7 – Citizens Bank Park (Ashburn Alley)

The Philadelphia Phillies are not only known for their iconic cheesesteaks and the beloved Philly Phanatic, but they have also joined the trend of creating Instagram-worthy milkshakes. The team has incorporated a classic snack into their desserts to add a unique twist to their limited engagement summer series. The Cotton Candy Milkshake features the sugary treat in two ways: as flavored ice cream and as a spun sugar garnish on top.

This rare treat is available in Ashburn Alley, located adjacent to the bullpen region (specifically, in section 102 in the outfield). However, if you can’t get your hands on the Cotton Candy Milkshake, you can always visit Shake Shack® near the third base gate. Here, you can indulge in a hand-spun milkshake with classic flavors such as vanilla or chocolate.

#6 – Kauffman Stadium (Rivals Sports Bar)

Kansas City is known for its incredible barbeque and boasts one of the finest stadium shakes in the Midwest. All ticket holders can try the Banana Nutella® Milkshake at Rivals Sports Bar in the right field. This delicious drink is made with milk chocolate spread and sliced bananas, creating a unique and tasty treat.

Although Rivals Sports Bar also offers other beverages like sodas and beer, the Banana Nutella® Milkshake is definitely the fan favorite in the right field area. It’s important to note that Belfonte’s Ice Cream in the outfield plaza also sells milkshakes and souvenir helmets, so baseball enthusiasts have several sweet options to choose from on game day.

#5 – Citi Field (Sundae Donuts)

The Mets have been known for their impressive off-season acquisitions in the last ten years. One notable deal involved a trade with Cleveland that resulted in SS Francisco Lindor and RHP Carlos Carrasco joining the team. Other recent transactions include RHP Justin Verlander, RHP Max Scherzer, Reliever Adam Ottavino, and OF Starling Marte. However, the most significant acquisition made by the Mets was the Donut Milkshake, which is exclusively available at Sundae Donuts located in the Hudson Whiskey NY Club behind home plate (levels 400 & 500). This unique drink is adorned with team-colored sprinkles on the rim and topped with a glazed donut.

Sundae Donuts has two exciting flavors to choose from:

  1. Cookies & Blue Cream (Oreo® Donut, Blue Cream Vanilla Ice Cream)
  2. Birthday Cake (Caramel Popcorn Donut, Birthday Cake Ice Cream)

Unfortunately, those with general seating may not have access to the premium Hudson Whiskey NY Club. However, there are still multiple milkshake options available in the main concourse. Shake Shack® (located in the Outfield’s Taste of the City) offers the Mets MVP milkshake, which includes vanilla and cookies & cream. Additionally, Mister Softee (located at 1st Base-110 & 114 and 3rd Base-121) offers regular flavors such as strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla.

#4 – Guaranteed Rate Field (Stadium Club)

If you’re craving a delicious milkshake in Southside Chicago, you should spend a bit more to indulge in one. The Stadium Club Bar (located at Level 300 in the right field) offers premium seating and a delectable Cinnamon Churro Shake made with homemade Mexican milk and chocolate sauce. The standout feature of this sweet treat is the footlong fried churro that acts as a straw. Given the ample space of the Stadium Club, you’ll likely find this innovative dessert in the dessert cart.

The White Sox have come up with more than just the Cinnamon Churro Shake lately. One such creation is the Mango Mangonada, introduced in 2023, which features fruit sorbet, a spicy chili powder kick, and an edible tamarind-covered straw. Additionally, roasted iced coffee can be found in several areas, including 3rd Base-144 and Right Field-105. And for those who prefer something caffeine-free and straightforward, the lemonade stand in Centerfield (163) is a great option.

#3 – Coors Field (Helton Burger)

There are two things Denver sports fans absolutely love Rockies star Todd Helton. One is that he led Colorado to a World Series berth in 2007 and had his #17 retired from the team following his professional career. The other reason is that the former player has his own stand called Helton Burger. The left field concourse staple sells cheeseburgers and fries whenever the boys in purple take the field. But perhaps the exciting part about coming to Helton Burger is the very tall specialty milkshakes. 

The food stand began this trend in 2022 with the Elvis Shake, which highlights ice cream that pairs with candied bacon, Cracker Jacks®, peanut butter sauce, and banana cream. One year later, Helton Burger added a new s’mores beverage that showcases coco ice cream and a milk chocolate bar as a garnish. 

#2 – Yankee Stadium (Grand Slam Shakes)

Since the opening of the new stadium in 2009, the Bronx Bombers have won the World Series and reached the AL Championship Series six times. Moreover, they have clinched the AL East Division title five times against fierce competitors such as the Red Sox and Rays. However, the most popular item among fans is the souvenir milkshakes the Yankees offer. Grand Slam Shakes is currently offering three options with a take-home NYY logo glass: 

  1. Pinstripe Vanilla
  2. Unicorn Marshmallow
  3. Chocolate Fudge Brownie

Whether the concession stand offers previous milkshake flavors such as Tres Leches Churro, All-Star Grand Slam, Birthday Celebration, Strawberry Cheesecake, or Campfire S’mores is still being determined. These flavors may only be available for a limited time. Nonetheless, there are multiple Grand Slam Shakes sections for Yankees fans to select from, including Third Base (125 & 324) and First Base (112).

#1 – Tropicana Field (Beans & Barlour)

While the Rays may not have the most impressive MLB stadium in the US, their venue is known for serving the best milkshakes in the big leagues. Beans and Barlour, located in the Centerfield Budweiser® Porch and Third Base Hall, offers both alcoholic and kid-friendly milkshakes during home games. This unique stand sells over five mouthwatering flavors: 

  1. Peanut & Cracker Jack®
  2. S’mores 
  3. Two Whip Orange Dreamsicle
  4. Cotton Candy
  5. Strawberry Shortcake

These drinks have the option to be served with alcohol and are also dairy-free. They are presented with decorated rims such as Cracker Jack® pieces on the peanut butter shakes and toasted marshmallows on the s’mores flavor. Beans & Barlour initially debuted at The Trop’s center field during the 2022 season. Due to its popularity, the shop expanded to the third base concourse the following year.

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