10 Never Before Seen Facts on Globe Life Field

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10 Never Before Seen Facts on Globe Life Field

Globe Life Field is one of the league’s newest ballparks every baseball fan has on their bucket list. In fact, the Rangers venue opened in 2020 and has yet to host an All-Star Game. Any Dallas fan that bleeds Rangers red and blue will know every information possible, from the team playing in the 2011 World Series to Josh Hamilton claiming the MVP Trophy in 2010. However, there are new Globe Life Field facts that many baseball supporters never knew or never heard of in their lives. For details on what facts baseball fans rarely knew about, please refer to 10 Never Before Seen Facts on Globe Life Field below!

10: The New Rangers Stadium Caught on Fire During Construction

After spending over 25 years at the then-Globe Life Park, the Texas Rangers were ready for a new direction. They had spent their time playing in a ballpark that dealt with heat waves and rain delays. So the Rangers decided to get a new stadium that has a retractable roof. That way, they could play with air-conditioning during the hot summer days and with the roof closed during rain storms. But did you know that Globe Life Field was caught on fire during construction? Could this situation have delayed the park’s grand opening? 

In late 2019, a line of black smoke was spotted on top of the retractable roof. As it turned out, there were welder fire sparks located under the roof structure. Luckily, the construction workers did not receive any major injuries and they managed to get out just in time. Also, it took the firefighters less than 60 minutes to extinguish the flames. Team officials confirmed that the roof areas impacted by the fire would be removed and replaced. Even though the global pandemic pushed back the opening date for Globe Life Field, the roof was able to be fixed by Spring 2020. 

9: The Field Dimensions were Inspired by the Texas Rangers Legends

The new Rangers ballpark has everything baseball fans want in a Major League facility. For instance, Globe Life Field has a 360 concourse where spectators can walk around the stadium without missing any game action. In addition, the new stadium has a retractable roof that protects fans from thunderstorms and heavy rain showers. One more thing to point out is that Globe Life Field has dugout suites on ground level similar to the ones at Angels Stadium and Progressive Field.

But believe it or not, the Rangers park’s field dimensions were inspired by the team’s legends. When Globe Life Field was being built, club officials wanted to come up with an idea that pays tribute to both the Hall of Fame players and the former ballpark. 

So they incorporated the Rangers legends’ retired numbers into the field dimensions for the new stadium. Also, most of those players have spent their Texas tenures at the now-Choctaw Stadium. Anyway, one example is that the right field foul line distance is 326 feet (#26 retired by former Manager Johnny Oates). Another example is that the left field foul line is measured at 329 feet (#29 retired by INF Adrian Beltre). And the center field distance total is 407 feet (#7 retired by Catcher Ivan Rodriguez). With these facts, the Rangers stadium honors the team’s legacy both on and off the field. 

8: Globe Life Field is the Only MLB Ballpark to Witness 2 No-Hitters Within its 1st Seasons

The Texas Rangers went through a lot of obstacles to get their new climate-controlled ballpark open. First and foremost, the team had to pay millions and millions of high costs on both the stadium and the retractable roof. Next, the original Spring opening date was pushed back due to the rapid spread of the global pandemic. Once the Rangers were able to play their first games at the venue, they had to be played with no fans in the stands. Later, sports spectators finally got a taste of Globe Life Field during the 2020 Championship Series and the Fall Classic. 

Interestingly, the Rangers ballpark is the only one in the big leagues to witness two no-hitters within its first seasons in operation. Just a couple days after Opening Day 2021, right-hander Joe Musgrove did something no other Padres player has ever done. Musgrove became the first San Diego pitcher to complete a no-hitter in a feat against the Rangers. About a month later, the New York Yankees accomplished an effort that had not been achieved in over 20 years. Former Cy Young winner Corey Kluber threw the club’s first no-no since David Cone’s perfect game in 1999 against the Montreal Expos. 

7: Multiple Construction Workers were Mysteriously Injured in Summer 2019

When it comes to MLB ballparks, they sometimes come with rare construction stories. One example is that an electrician sued the then-U.S. Cellular Field for a career-ending injury he suffered. Another example is that a construction worker was electrocuted to death during the building phase at Chase Field. Unfortunately, there are some stories that turn out to be so mysterious that the information turns out to be head-scratching. Well, that’s what happened as the Rangers ballpark was in the middle stages of construction. 

In June 2019, two construction employees were hit with injuries and ended up in a local hospital. Luckily, the two men were able to fully recover in time to eventually continue on with their tasks. However, the exact cause of the injuries were not made public as the situation appeared to be an internal matter. Also, the identities of those two workers were not identified at the time the incidents took place. The injuries accident was one of the two construction stories to come out of Globe Life Field in 2019, along with the roof fire at the end of the year. 

6: A Fan Got Banned for Life for Trying to Get Into the Rangers Dugout

At Globe Life Field, fans can do anything they desire as long as they meet appropriate standards. They can purchase new food items at the concession stands anywhere in the concourses. In fact, spectators can buy souvenirs and t-shirts at the official Texas Rangers team store. However, there are limitations in terms of what fans can do and what they can’t do at the retractable roof stadium. One of the most vital rules implemented by venue officials is to not run on the field during the game. 

Well, that actually happened during a Rangers/Tigers game in July 2019 when a fan got banned from Globe Life Park. It all started in the 8th inning when an unnamed man was seen running on the field. He was jogging around the bases before slightly setting foot in the Rangers’ 1st Base Dugout. Afterwards, the fan slid into the photographers section located between the dugout and the home plate suites. Ultimately, local law enforcement officers and security guards captured the trouble-maker and arrested him for illegal trespassing. Not long after being taken into custody, the fan received a permanent ban from Globe Life Field. 

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5: Globe Life Field Once Hosted a Rodeo Show During the Off-Season

It is quite normal for baseball stadiums to host major events that have nothing to do with baseball. For example, those types of venues would be the site for live music concerts that range from rock-and-roll to country. Also, ballparks would sometimes be used for graduation ceremonies to honor seniors from high school and college. One additional thing to include is that some baseball venues get to host annual college bowl games like the Pinstripe Bowl in New York. But believe it or not, Globe Life Field once hosted a rodeo show during the off-season. 

In December 2020, the Rangers ballpark served as the temporary home for ProRodeo for a week and a half. The rodeo show was originally going to take place in Las Vegas, but ended up being relocated to Texas due to Nevada’s pandemic restrictions. The event showcased the following acts: cow lassoing, horse rodeo, bull rodeo, and bull wrestling. To prepare for the cowboy-style shows, the baseball field was removed on an interim basis. Globe Life Field was not the only ballpark to host a rodeo event, as Wrigley Field previously hosted some in the 1940s

4: Rangers Stadium is One of the Couple Big League Parks to Have Life-Sized Bobbleheads

Every ballpark in North America has its own signature feature that fans remember. Minute Maid Park has the life-sized train above left field, while American Family Field has the mascot slide at left field. Wrigley Field has the ivy-covered walls, while Kauffman Stadium has the water fountains in the outfield. Fenway Park has the Green Monster at left field, while Yankee Stadium has Monument Park at center field. But Globe Life Field has something that only a couple of Major League stadiums ever have. 

Located in the centerfield concourse (upper level), the Rangers venue has three life-sized bobbleheads. First, there’s a six-foot structure of Texas Infielder and 7-Time All-Star Michael Young. Next, the concourse has a life-sized bobblehead of Rangers Third Baseman and 2012 MVP Finalist Adrian Beltre. Finally, there’s a human-sized structure of Texas Catcher and 1999 MVP Winner Ivan Rodriguez. Globe Life Field is one of the couple big league parks to have life-sized bobbleheads, along with Dodger Stadium (Tommy Lassorda) and Angel Stadium (Mike Trout). 

3: The Texas Governor was Originally Going to Throw the 1st Pitch in 2021

Ceremonial first pitches are one of the greatest traditions to ever take place in a baseball game. Most of the time, those types of honors would be awarded to those who helped out in the local community. Also, ceremonial first pitches are given to big name celebrities that range from sports athletes to even movie stars. But sometimes, the honorary moment would be thrown by the President of the United States as well as local state officials (mayors and governors). In fact, a Texas Governor was originally going to throw out the ceremonial first pitch in 2021.

In Globe Life Field’s first full season with fans in the stands, state leader Greg Abbott decided to do the honors. This idea appeared to make sense since the entire country was going through a global pandemic. However, Abbott reversed course on the ceremonial first pitch at the last minute. The reason behind the eyebrow-raising decision was due to the 2021 All-Star Game being moved out of Atlanta due to Georgia’s voting restrictions. Abbott also declared that he would no longer consider any future MLB events for Arlington or Houston. 

2: The Home Plate from Globe Life Field was Taken from the Previous Ballpark

The formerly-named Globe Life Park has hosted many exciting sporting events during its tenure as the Rangers’ home stadium. The open-air venue was the site for two World Series in 2010 and 2011. In fact, Kenny Rogers (not to be confused with the country singer) threw a perfect game against the Angels in 1994. The former ballpark’s final postseason contests included the 2012 Wild Card Game and the 2015 Division Series. But when the Rangers were getting ready to move to their retractable roof with them, they decided to take a piece of Globe Life Park with them. 

During the final Major League Baseball game ever in September 2019, the Rangers were taking on the New York Yankees. Following the conclusion of that contest, the local club took out the home plate and moved it to the then-under-constructed Globe Life Field. This is not the first time a big league team did something special for the home plate, as the Twins buried a Harmon Killebrew photo under the plate at Target Field. In today’s generation, fans will reflect on the memories of the old ballpark at the retractable roof stadium. They will remember how many times Rangers greats like Nelson Cruz, Josh Hamilton, and Ian Kinsler crossed that home plate. 

1: Rangers Have to Pay $11 Million a Year for Stadium Naming Rights Deal

Naming rights to a major stadium can be a beneficial tool for companies because they can create a collaborative relationship with sports franchises. Firms that put their brand on a stadium building would get the chance to advertise via word-of-mouth. However, teams reserve the right to terminate a naming rights deal if companies violate ethical standards (like the Astros with Enron® in 2002). Also, coming to terms on a ballpark name pact can have annual price tags for teams. Well, that’s what’s happening with Globe Life Field and the Rangers in the 2020s. 

Three years before the retractable roof venue opened its doors to the public, the ballclub reached a deal with local insurance firm Globe Life®. In 2017, the company developed a quarter-of-a-century naming rights deal that would expire after the 2042 season. Perhaps the most eye-catching part about the collaboration is that the Rangers have to pay $11 million annually to Globe Life®. By the way, that’s not the expensive price tag per year for a naming rights deal, as the Mets must pay over $20 million a season for the name Citi Field. With the huge contract in mind, the Rangers and Globe Life® appeared to have a strong relationship that began in 2014. 

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