10 Never Before Seen Facts on Chase Field

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Which of the 10 Never Before Seen Facts on Chase Field Phoenix Will Impress You the Most? Those 10 Facts on Chase Field Phoenix are…

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10 Never Before Seen Facts on Chase Field

Nationals Park is one of the league’s highly-praised east coast MLB venues every baseball fan has on their bucket list. In fact, the Washington stadium opened in 2008 and last hosted the All-Star Game in 2018. Any Washington fan that bleeds Nationals red will know every information possible, from the team winning the 2019 World Series to Bryce Harper claiming the MVP Award in 2015. However, there are new Nationals Park facts that many baseball supporters never knew or never heard of in their lives. For details on what facts baseball fans rarely knew about, please refer to 10 Never Before Seen Facts on Nationals Park below!

10: An Umpire Saved a Chase Field Employee’s Life

At sports stadiums, spectators might never know when random acts of kindness take place. Those acts of kindness range from holding the door open for someone to cleaning up spills on the floor. In addition, there are some people who would go above and beyond to make anyone’s day. That extra effort could actually make a new friend or even save somebody’s life. Fortunately, for Chase Field, an umpire saved a stadium employee’s life at the baseball game. 

The amazing moment in August 2012 during a Diamondbacks contest vs. Marlins. During the game, veteran umpire Jim Joyce applied CPR on a ballpark employee named Jayne Powers (who was going through a seizure). About 1.5 hours before the first pitch, Joyce and the three umpires were heading to the dressing room when they noticed an unconscious Powers. The veteran umpire then performed CPR until medical officials arrived. Powers has since survived the situation as she returned to breathing normally at the hospital. 

9: A Construction Worker was Electrocuted to Death at Dbacks Stadium

When it comes to MLB ballparks, they sometimes come with rare construction stories. One example is that two workers were fired after a noose was found at Nationals Park. Another example is that triceratops fossils were discovered during the construction phase of Coors Field in Denver. Unfortunately, there are some stories that turn out to be so graphic that someone actually lost a life. Well, that’s what happened as the Dbacks stadium was in the early stages of construction. 

In October 1996, a 35-year-old construction worker named Daniel Weber was killed by electrocution when a crane he was working on made close contact with a live wire. Two other employees saw the accident, but they did not suffer any voltage. Weber was later transferred to a nearby hospital and died from his injuries. The Diamondbacks and the construction firm have since investigated the incident. Both parties attempted to figure out how the live wire got into Weber in the first place. 

8: The Only Rainout at Chase Field was a Women’s Basketball Game 

The Diamondbacks venue has hosted non-baseball events in the past. One example is the annual college bowl game Guaranteed Rate Bowl that takes place every December. The football event was formerly known as Cactus Bowl and Cheez-It Bowl before changing to its current name in 2020. But did you know that Chase Field used to host basketball games? In prior decades, having a basketball court on a baseball diamond has been used before. During the mid-1900s, the Harlem Globetrotters® played their contests at Dodger Stadium and Fenway Park

Unfortunately, for Chase Field, one basketball game ended abruptly because of a rainout. During a Sun Devils contest vs. Texas Tech in late 2006, the stadium’s roof was opened due to cooler weather. With about four minutes to play in the game, rain started pouring on the baseball field. Even though the venue managed to close the roof, the referees declared that the court was unsafe because of wet conditions. So the game ended early with Arizona State winning 61-45

7: Kenny Chesney has Played More Shows at Diamondbacks Stadium

It is quite usual that large-scale shows are taking place at baseball stadiums. In fact, there are teams that previously hosted live music shows. Those teams were the following: Brewers, Red Sox, Yankees, Orioles, Dodgers, Rangers, Cardinals, Reds, and many more. Concerts can vary with either a post-game event or just a stand alone performance during the off-season. But did you know that Kenny Chesney has played more shows at Chase Field? And that doesn’t count singing at National Anthems or having themed nights. 

Kenny Chesney has played a total of two shows at the Phoenix stadium: 2016 and 2018. In addition, the country star’s 2016 show was the first concert at Chase Field since boy band NSYNC played there in 2001. The Dbacks ballpark also hosted concerts by Billy Joel and Black Sabbath. One thing to take note of is that with Chesney’s both shows at Chase Field, his opening act was with country band Old Dominion. 

6: A Dodgers Fan was Nearly Ejected from Chase Field over Swimming Pool Shirt

Since the Dbacks’ inception in 1998, one of their biggest division rivals has been the Los Angeles Dodgers. Also, the two teams have a history of tempers flaring against each other. For instance, Dodgers LHP Clayton Kershaw was tossed from the game in 2011 for throwing at Arizona OF Gerardo Parra. Two years later, both teams endured a bench-clearing brawl that led to eight suspensions. Perhaps the most controversial moment in the rivalry took place in September 2013, when the Dodgers celebrated their NL West Division championship in Chase Field’s right field swimming pool

One year later, in Summer 2014, the Diamondbacks were still bitter over the swimming pool incident. During a Diamondbacks series vs. Dodgers, a Los Angeles fan (Armando Mendoza) decided to wear an eye-raising shirt to the game. The shirt said “We Won the West! Now Where’s the Pool?” When security approached the Dodgers supporter, they told him to wear the shirt inside out. At one point, security officials threatened him with an ejection from the park if he continued to wear it. Eventually, the Diamondbacks apologized to Mendoza and offered him tickets to a future game. 

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5: A Dbacks Game was Delayed Because of a Power Outage

Usually when there’s a weather delay, fans would head up to the concourses for shelter. In fact, there are some fans that might head over to the team stores to get away from the outside. Also, baseball games can get delayed because of unfortunate circumstances like sewage leaks and groups of bees. If a team is playing in a retractable roof stadium, perhaps the only delay to occur would be lighting issues caused by thunderstorms. But did you know that a Diamondbacks game was delayed due to a power outage?

During the Arizona matchup vs. Texas Rangers in 2018, a power outage interfered with game play. With the contest tied a 4-4 in the 6th inning, most of the lights went out due to a major thunderstorm. Fortunately, the power outage only lasted for nearly a half hour. Following the delay, the game resumed with Arizona taking a 5-4 lead. However, Texas rallied to beat the Dbacks 9-5 on a rare night at Chase Field. 

4: The Right Field Swimming Pool was Inspired by the White Sox Park Fan Shower

The Diamondbacks stadium is notable for having some unique features that fans can’t find anywhere else. Previously, Chase Field was one of the only two MLB venues to have a dirt line between the pitcher’s mound and home plate (the other was Comerica Park). For every home game, the Dbacks have the mascot races that consist of Randy Johnson and Luis Gonzalez. Perhaps the most popular feature at Chase Field is the right field swimming pool. 

Believe it or not, the swimming pool idea was actually inspired by the White Sox Fan Shower located at the then-Comiskey Park II. The Chicago stadium (now known as Guaranteed Rate Field) has a shower in the outfield concourse that fans can use to cool off from hot summer days. When team officials discussed plans for a Phoenix baseball stadium in the mid-1990s, they brought up the possibility of adding a pool at right field. They believed it would benefit the hot Arizona weather just like the White Sox shower at Comiskey Park. 

3: Chase Field Used to Have a Panda Express® Stand

In most sports venues, their concession stands are operated by corporate sponsors. Teams would use this type of collaboration for word-of-mouth advertising. For example, baseball teams sell pizzas from big-name companies like Papa Johns® and Dominos®. But sometimes, sports clubs would bring in a fast-food chain stand that fans pretty much can’t find anywhere else. Sometime during the 2010s, Chase Field opened a popular Asian food stand: Panda Express®.

The stand serves food items people usually get at their normal restaurants like egg rolls and noodles. Perhaps the best-selling dish from the Panda Express® menu is the Orange Chicken. It’s a chicken that is covered in a citrus-flavored sauce. As of 2017, the stand was located on the 1st base side of the ballpark. Unfortunately, the Diamondbacks confirmed via social media in 2019 that Panda Express® was no longer available at the stadium

2: Chase Field was the 1st NL Park to Have a Retractable Roof

Retractable roofs can provide a one-of-a kind experience for spectators and players alike. They can prevent rain delays and lightning storms. In addition, those features can help cool fans down during the warm summer months via climate control. So far, only eight teams play in a stadium with either a dome or a retractable roof: Rays, Astros, Rangers, Blue Jays, Marlins, Diamondbacks, Mariners, and Brewers. Interestingly, the Arizona Diamondbacks were the first ever NL club to play in a retractable roof building

The Dbacks achieved that record when the then-Ball One Ballpark opened in 1998. The first building to have such a roof was Rogers Centre in 1989. One year later, the Seattle Mariners became the first American League team to play games with a retractable roof. Minute Maid Park in Houston made its debut in 2000, while American Family Field opened its doors in 2001. LoanDepot Park had its grand opening in 2012, while Globe Life Field became the recent retractable roof stadium to debut in 2020. 

1: The Churro Dog at Dbacks Stadium has Nearly 1,200 Calories

Whenever spectators go to a sporting event, they look to grab a bite to eat at the stadiums. No matter if it’s for baseball or any other sport, fans would rely on concession stands in the concourse. Those stands traditionally serve hand-accessible foods like hot dogs, burgers, and pizzas. But there are some teams that go above and beyond in regards to providing the best culinary experience possible. For the Arizona Diamondbacks, they have the most popular treat for fans and critics alike: the Churro Dog.

For those who don’t know, a Churro Dog is a dessert take on a baseball classic. The treat comes with a fried cinnamon churro (resembling a hot dog), 3 scoops of vanilla ice cream, chocolate & caramel drizzle, and whipped cream served in a Long John donut. When the Churro Dog debuted in 2015, the dish immediately became a fan favorite. Anyone who wants to devour such an amazing thing comes with a catch. The Churro Dog has a total calorie count of nearly 1,200 calories

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