Which MLB Teams Have Never Won a Cy Young Award?

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Which of the Current MLB Franchises Have Never Won a Cy Young Award? How Close Did Those Teams Get from Winning a Cy Young Award?

Hello Everyone! Welcome to Sports Teller! Today, we will be going over the latest news involving the Which MLB Teams Have Never Won a Cy Young Award? In fact, we will be going over the teams that have indeed won the Cy Young Award. Without further adieu, let’s begin!

Which MLB Teams Have Never Won a Cy Young Award?

Which MLB Franchises Have Yet to Receive a Cy Young Award?

As of 2022, only two teams have not won the Cy Young Award: Texas Rangers & Colorado Rockies. In fact, both teams came close to winning the best pitcher award in the past. For evidence, please refer to the information below! 

Did the Rangers Get Close from Winning the Cy Young Award?

Yu Darvish

  • In 2013, Rangers Starting RHP Yu Darvish was named a finalist for the AL Cy young Award. The Pitcher compiled a 13-9 record with a 2.83 Earned Run Average and 277 Strikeouts. In fact, he was named to the American League All-Star team that season. However, Darvish would go on to lose to Starting RHP Max Scherzer of the Detroit Tigers.

Fergie Jenkins

  • In 1974, Texas Starting RHP Fergie Jenkins earned a Top 3 Finalist Spot for the American League’s Cy Young Award. The Hall of Famer compiled a 25-12 record with a 2.82 E.R.A. and 225 Strikeouts. Unfortunately, Jenkins went on to lose the Cy Young Battle to the late Starting Starting RHP Catfish Hunter of the Oakland Athletics.

Did the Rockies Get Close from Winning the Cy Young Award?

Ubaldo Jimenez

  • In 2010, Rockies Starting RHP Ubaldo Jimenez was a finalist for the NL Cy Young Award. He compiled a 19-8 record with a 2.88 Earned Run Average and 214 Strikeouts. In addition to joining the NL All-Star Team that season, Jimenez threw a no-hitter vs. Atlanta Braves early in the campaign. However, Ubaldo Jimenez would go on to lose to the late Starting RHP Roy Halladay of the Philadelphia Phillies. As of 2021, this would be the only time in Colorado Rockies history where the team’s pitcher became a Cy Young finalist.

How Many Teams Have Indeed Won the Cy Young Award?

Numbers Placed to Each Team Indicates How Many Cy Young Awards That Club has Won.

AL East Division

  • New York Yankees-5
  • Boston Red Sox-7
  • Tampa Bay Rays-2
  • Toronto Blue Jays-5
  • Baltimore Orioles-6

AL Central Division

  • Cleveland Indians-6
  • Minnesota Twins-4
  • Chicago White Sox-3
  • Kansas City Royals-4
  • Detroit Tigers-5

AL West Division

  • Houston Astros-4 (2 in the NL and 2 in the AL)
  • Texas Rangers-0
  • Seattle Mariners-2
  • Los Angeles Angels-2
  • Oakland Athletics-5

NL East Division

  • Atlanta Braves-7 (Milwaukee & Atlanta)
  • Miami Marlins-1 (Florida & Miami)
  • New York Mets-7
  • Philadelphia Phillies-7
  • Washington Nationals-3 (1 in Montreal and 2 in Washington)

NL Central Division

  • Chicago Cubs-5
  • St. Louis Cardinals-3
  • Cincinnati Reds-1
  • Pittsburgh Pirates-2
  • Milwaukee Brewers-3 (2 in the AL and 1 in the NL)

NL West Division

  • Los Angeles Dodgers-12 (Brooklyn & Los Angeles)
  • San Francisco Giants-3
  • San Diego Padres-4
  • Colorado Rockies-0
  • Arizona Diamondbacks-5
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