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Never Seen Facts on Great American Ball Park

Fact #10: Right Field Smokestack was Caught on Fire During Reds Game

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In 2015, there was a major fire on top of one of the right field smokestacks. The firefighters came to put the flame out.

Fact #9: Before Joe Nuxhall Way, the Address was Main Street

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The 1st base side street was renamed in 2007 in honor of former Reds Pitcher/Announcer Joe Nuxhall.

Fact #8: Fan Ran onto the Field and Escaped the Stadium

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In 2015, Justin Buchanan ran across the field and jumped over the outfield fence. He was later arrested.

Fact #7: HOF Museum is the Only Separate Museum in MLB

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The Reds HOF Museum is located on the same land at Great American Ball Park, but before entering the stadium.

Fact #6: Reds are the 1st Club to Build Nursing Room at Stadium

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In 2015, the Reds ballpark opened a Nursing Suite located on the suite level via Champions Club elevator.