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Never Seen Facts on American Family Field

Fact #10: Cleveland Indians were the "Home" Team at Then-Miller Park

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In 2007, Cleveland was forced to play their "home" series vs. Angels in Wisconsin due to a snow storm in Northeast Ohio.

Fact #9: Brewers Stadium Used to Have a CITGO® Home Run Counter

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The park had a gas-pump shaped HR counter in 2007, but was removed in 2010 to make way for control room.

Fact #8: 3 Construction Workers were Killed in Crane Collapse

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In 1999, three workers died when the towering crane fell on the then-Miller Park.

Fact #7: A Brewers Game Forced an Ed Sheeran Show to Reschedule

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In 2018, Ed Sheeran had to postpone his show by a day due to the Brewers' Playoffs. This gave his camp more time to set up the stage.

Fact #6: American Family Field Lets Fans Camp Out in Parking Lots 

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Every February, the stadium hosts Artic Tailgate, which allows fans to camp out in the lots and buy game tickets.