USC Trojans Basketball: Best Food Concessions to Try

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Looking for Food at the USC Trojans Game? USC Basketball: Best Food Concessions to Try at Galen Center (Los Angeles, CA) are…

Hello Everyone! Welcome to Sports Teller! Today, we will be going over the USC Trojans Basketball: Best Food Concessions to Try! Before we can explain which different concessions to look out for, we must go over Southern California’s history with the venue as well as their recent championships. Without further adieu, let’s begin!

USC Trojans Basketball: Best Food Concessions to Try

Home of the University of Southern California Trojans Basketball

The History of Southern California Basketball at Galen Center

With the College Basketball Season around the corner, the USC Trojans are ready for tip-off! The men in red and yellow have been playing at Galen Center since the mid-2000’s. Speaking of Galen Center, the venue can hold over 10,000 fans in capacity. The Trojans basketball venue is about a 0.5-hour drive from University of California Los Angeles (home of the UCLA Bruins). The basketball building is also located on the school’s campus very close to Los Angeles Coliseum (USC Football) and Banc of California Stadium (Los Angeles FC). 

The arena was named in honor of former university donors and longtime Trojans fans Louis & Helene Galen. From inside the venue, fans can see Downtown Los Angeles from the windows. For men’s basketball, the Trojans last played in the Elite 8 in 2021. Meanwhile, the women’s squad recently won a national championship in 1984. The men’s program took part in the March Madness five times since 2010, while the women’s team only made one such appearance during that span. 

Hungry? What Concessions Do They Have at Galen Center (USC Trojans’ Basketball Venue)?

Now that you got to know the team and its home basketball stadium, you might be thinking “What kind of concessions do they have at Galen Center?” Pretty much like any other college basketball venues across the country, this destination serves traditional food fare like hot dogs and sodas. However, in Los Angeles, the stadium serves up some unique food offerings for all fans to enjoy. For details on where to find food at the Southern California Trojans basketball game, please refer to the best food concessions to try below!

USC Trojans Basketball: Best Food Concessions to Try

Note: Food Choices and Concession Stands are Subject to Change.

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