Top 6 Attractions You Only Find at Mariners Games

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Curious about the unique attractions at T-Mobile Park that fans can’t find elsewhere? Looking to find surprising experiences at the Mariners game?

Today, we have an exciting lineup for you as we explore the top six attractions exclusively found at Mariners games. So, without wasting any more time, let’s uncover the incredible experiences that await you!

Top 6 Attractions You Only Find at Mariners Games

Are you planning on attending any M’s games this season? If so, you might be curious about what differentiates T-Mobile Park from other MLB stadiums.

Since the baseball season in Washington is finally here, fans have five local teams to choose from. They include the following: Seattle Mariners, Tacoma Rainiers, Everett AquaSox, Spokane Indians, and Tri–City Dust Devils. After reviewing game options for the summer, they may consider Seattle a popular choice since the team plays at the highest professional level. Then, those sports enthusiasts might think: What are the experiences at the M’s contest that we can not get anywhere else? For this article, we will discuss in detail the few attractions of interest that can only be discovered at T-Mobile Park and nowhere else. 

#6 – Children’s Hospital Water Fountain

Whenever ticket holders walk a 360 loop inside the ballpark, one of the things they immediately notice is a water fountain in the Centerfield Concourse. That attraction is called the Children’s Hospital Wishing Well, dedicated to those battling cancer and other threatening diseases. It is adjacent to the Mariners Playground and features a real-life statue and waterspout effects. To clarify, the life-size replica resembles a child batting to collect a long ball. The wishing well also coordinates with the game action because the waterspouts shoot out for every M’s base hit or home run. 

While they wait for the Seattle at-bats to see the water fountain effects, fans can rely on three nearby options:

  1. There is a place called the Kids Clubhouse, which is perfect for young baseball enthusiasts. They can find jerseys, t-shirts, hats, and even plush toys here.
  2. The outfield concourse has the Children’s Hospital Playfield, which consists of a tube slide and multiple crawling areas for little ones to enjoy.
  3. There are a couple food stands not far from the wishing well: Chick Chick Boom (chicken fingers, waffle fries, fried chicken sandwiches) at Section 106 and Holy Smoke BBQ (pulled pork, beef brisket, loaded potato) at Section 105. 

#5 – Dave Niehaus Statue

In some stadiums, the outfield concourse would have life-size replicas of former players. But for T-Mobile Park, the team has a statue of the late radio broadcaster Dave Niehaus (1935-2010). Fans can take pictures with the Mariners legend in the Centerfield Concourse (Section 105). The statue also contains a scrapbook Niehaus usually wrote during broadcasts and an open seat for those who want photo opportunities. 

Why did the former M’s announcer get his own real-life replica in the first place? The 2008 Ford Frick winner served in that position from Seattle’s first season in 1977 until his sudden passing in 2010. His notable catchphrases were “My Oh My,” “Holy Smokes,” “It Is Grand Salami Time,” and “Swung on and Belted.” Niehaus also gave players memorable nicknames like “A-Rod” (Alex Rodriguez) and “The Kid” (Ken Griffey Jr.). Believe it or not, baseball supporters created a petition to turn the statue to face the playing field when the M’s broke the two-decade playoff drought in 2022. 

#4 – Mariners Hall of Fame

It is quite common for big league clubs to operate their own hall of fame. Located in the 3rd Base Concourse (Sections 135-141), the free museum is the only place to search and learn about the history of Seattle baseball. The Mariners Hall of Fame currently has ten members: OF Ichiro Suzuki (2022), LHP Jamie Moyer (2015), Manager Lou Piniella (2014), OF Ken Griffey Jr. (2013), LHP Randy Johnson (2012), C Dan Wilson (2012), DH Edgar Martinez (2007), OF Jay Buhner (2004), Announcer Dave Niehaus (2000), and INF Alvin Davis (1997). This unique experience also has a beer hall where fans can grab a cold one while touring the displays. 

The Hall of Fame Museum has flat-screen TVs on the wall for those who want to keep track of game action. Of course, the free event covers exhibits other than the M’s timeline. One example is that there is a tribute section for MLB broadcasters like Vin Scully (Dodgers), Harry Caray (Cubs), Bob Uecker (Brewers), and Jack Buck (Cardinals). Another display to look out for is the fundamentals of pitching and hitting. During anniversary seasons (35th of 40th), the team would showcase limited-edition exhibits that discuss its beginnings in the Pacific Northwest. The experience even has an interactive section where fans can pretend to make home run-saving catches at the wall. 

#3 – Grasshoppers on the Menu

Yes, you read that right! T-Mobile Park serves Chapulines Grasshoppers as part of their concessions lineup during contests. Fans can order these little bugs at The Pen via the Centerfield Concourse (Close to the Mariners Bullpen on Ground Level). The social gathering area is open to all ticket holders and includes multiple food stands. Grasshoppers are currently being sold at Edgar’s Taco Shack, which was named in honor of M’s slugger Edgar Martinez. The chef would toast those insects in the oven, season the pieces with lime-chili salt, and serve them in small plastic containers. The one-of-a-kind snack is also available at Edgar’s Cantina at the 212 Premium Club on the suite level. 

How did the Mariners come up with grasshoppers as a snack option? This tasty sensation began before the 2017 season when food executives were developing new food choices for the new year. They searched for Hispanic Cuisine ideas for the then-debuting stand Edgar’s Cantina at left field. Then, the team discovered that a local Mexican restaurant Poquitos on Capitol Hill had a top-selling appetizer of Chapulines grasshoppers. Inspired by that trend, the M’s decided to create their own insect-eating experience, and this concept soon took off to popular reviews. 

#2 – Rotunda Entrance

The Seattle baseball stadium has several gate entrances to choose from before and after the game. But the most recommended form of entry for Mariners fans to consider is the Home Plate Rotunda. They can find the area by looking for the life-size Ken Griffey Jr. statue located outside. Once they enter, ticket holders are greeted by a ground tile display representing the Pacific Northwest sea. Then, they face a flight of stairs that take them to the main concourse level. The most exciting part about the rotunda is the artistic chandelier placed on the ceiling. This unique feature combines approximately one thousand aluminum baseball bats into one eye-catching moment. Even the gate doors were designed by local artists, who incorporated quotes and references to America’s national pastime via wood etching. 

Hungry and in a hurry to find food before the game? The home plate rotunda has got you covered with plenty of menu selections just steps from the iconic chandelier display. Located at Section 132 is Pure Acai, where sports enthusiasts can sample the Nuts Grain Bowl and Chocolate Banana Toast. Another meal idea to look out for is Din Tai Fung (Section 133), which offers tasty Chinese staples like Pork Bao Buns and Chicken Wonton Soup. One last thing to be aware of is to check out High Cheese Pizza (Section 132), where they serve family favorites like Pepperoni and Cheese Pizzas by the Slice. 

#1 – The Pen Social Area

T-Mobile Park has many experiences to savor during a Mariners contest. But perhaps the most go-to moment for any baseball enthusiast to encounter is The Pen, located right next to Seattle’s bullpen in the outfield. As mentioned, the section is available to all fans and is situated on ground level rather than the main centerfield concourse. Also, The Pen is a spot where spectators can observe their preferred starting pitchers or relief pitchers doing warm-up exercises on game day. Most importantly, the social gathering section is consistently crowded because of the possibility of home runs and toss-ups from players. 

The T-Mobile® Pen has a couple of points of interest to watch while watching the M’s take the field. One is the happy hour that opens along with the rest of the park from the two-hour mark to the one-hour mark before the first pitch. Anyone attending this promotional event can get special deals on beers and other alcoholic beverages. The second attraction to find at the space is a few food options: Lil Woody’s (cheeseburgers, milkshakes), Ballard Pizza Company (sausage, pepperoni), Edgar’s Cantina (grasshoppers, street tacos), and FUKU (chicken fingers, waffle fries). Finally, The Pen offers group outings where fans can order a pre-game picnic and a VIP experience. 

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