Top 10 Twins 2023 New Food Items at Target Field

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Where can I locate the Sloppy Joe Hand Pies & Chocolate Fudge Pops at Target Field in 2023? What are the Top 10 Twins 2023 New Food Items?

Hello Everyone! Welcome to Sports Teller! Today, we will discuss the Top 10 Twins 2023 New Food Items at Target Field! Without further adieu, let us begin!

Top 10 Twins 2023 New Food Items at Target Field

Are you going to the Twins baseball game this season? Want new menu options to sample at Target Field this year?

Now that the upcoming season is upon us, you might think “Will the men in red and blue offer new concession stands this season?” Well, you are in luck! In 2023, the Minnesota Twins will unveil new food offerings at their home ballpark for Minneapolis sports fans. 

The ballpark does not just serve burgers and beers! The MLB club will also reveal new concession stands for the upcoming campaign. For more information on what to eat at Target Field in 2023, please refer to the team’s list of food items below! Important Note: The stands and items may vary depending on availability! The debuting food choices will range from uniqueness, creativity, and selections not commonly found in other MLB stadiums!

#10 – Hot Vegan Channa

  • Description: Vegetarians and plant-based eaters will be excited about this new addition because this meal stars Curry-Infused Chickpeas that partner with Brown Rice, Vegetable Slaw, Cilantro, and Papadum Dough Pieces for extra crunch. 
  • Where are Hot Vegan Channa Plates Sold at Target Field? Section 120
  • Location: 3rd Base Concourse

#9 – Philly Cheesesteak

  • Description: Debuting this season is an East Coast favorite: Ribeye Steak Pieces, Melty American Cheese, Grilled Onions, and Sliced Peppers on a Hoagie Roll. 
  • Where is the Philly Cheesesteak Sold at Target Field? Section 126
  • Location: Left Field Concourse

#8 – Walking Taco

  • Description: America’s most popular Tex-Mex plate joins the Twins’ food lineup. They will have Ground Beef with Seasoning that accommodates Corn Chips, Lettuce, Tomato, and Salsa in a Bag. 
  • Where are Walking Tacos Sold at Target Field? Multiple Stands
  • Location: 1st Base Concourse (Near Section 105) & 3rd Base Concourse (Near Section 123)

#7 – Cuban Sandwich

  • Description: The team developed this Hispanic staple in honor of Twins Slugger and Hall of Famer Tony Olivia (1962-1976). Welcome the Panini-Style Sandwich: Roasted Pork, Ham, Swiss Cheese, Mustard, and Pickles on a White Baguette. 
  • Where is the Cuban Sandwich Sold at Target Field? Section 114
  • Location: Home Plate Concourse

#6 – Fried Chicken Sandwich

  • Description: Looking for something crunchy at a baseball game? This tasty new creation focuses on a Large Deep-Fried Chicken Breast with Pickles and Special Sauce on a White Hamburger Bun. This meal also comes with a Side of French Fries. 
  • Where are Fried Chicken Sandwiches Sold at Target Field? Section 133
  • Location: Right Field Concourse

#5 – Sloppy Joe Hand Pie

  • Description: Fans can sample the Land of Down Under right in Minneapolis. This dish consists of Ground Beef, Tomato Sauce, Chopped Onions, and Vinegar Bases that fill a Golden Brown and Seed-Garnished Pie Dough. Customers should get two pies per order & it also comes with a Chicken Wild Rice flavor. 
  • Where is the Sloppy Joe Hand Pie Sold at Target Field? Section 126
  • Location: Left Field Concourse

#4 – Junior Gong Jerk Chicken Bowl

  • Description: Minnesota’s newest food roster showcases Roasted Jerk Chicken that pairs with Pineapple Jerk Sauce and proceeds on top of Yellow Rice and Sweet Plantains. 
  • Where are Junior Gong Jerk Chicken Bowls Sold at Target Field? Section 113
  • Location: Home Plate Concourse

#3 – Chicken & Waffles

  • Description: A southern favorite is coming to Twins stadium and will focus on One Fried & Boneless Chicken Breast along with Maple Syrup that goes on top of a Homemade Belgian-Style Waffle. 
  • Where is the Chicken & Waffle Sold at Target Field? Section 114
  • Location: Home Plate Concourse

#2 – Sausage & Rice Noodle Bowl

  • Description: Perhaps one of the best Asian meals in the big leagues highlights Country-Style Pork Sausage that collaborates with Chili Vinaigrette-Infused Rice Noodles, Veggie Slaw, Chopped Cabbage, and Green Herbs. 
  • Where are Sausage & Rice Noodle Bowls Sold at Target Field? Section 127
  • Location: Left Field Concourse

#1 – Chocolate Fudge Ice Pops

  • Description: A cool and refreshing treat to have for the summer features Frozen Chocolate Fudge mixed with Oat Milk on a Stick. Not many professional MLB teams sell this type of dessert. 
  • Where is the Chocolate Fudge Ice Pop Sold at Target Field? Section 126
  • Location: Left Field Concourse
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