Top 10 Dbacks 2023 New Food Items at Chase Field

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Where can I find the Carnitas Nacho Helmets and Chicken Bao Buns at Chase Field in 2023? What are the Top 10 Dbacks 2023 New Food Items?

Hello Everyone! Welcome to Sports Teller! Today, we will discuss the Top 10 Dbacks 2023 New Food Items at Chase Field! Without further adieu, let’s begin!

Top 10 Dbacks 2023 New Food Items at Chase Field

Are you going to the Dbacks baseball game this season? Want new menu options to sample at Chase Field this year?

Now that the upcoming season is upon us, you might think “Will the boys in red and teal offer new concession stands this season?” Well, you are in luck! In 2023, the Arizona Diamondbacks will unveil new food offerings at their home ballpark for Phoenix sports fans. 

The ballpark doesn’t just serve Churro Dogs and pizzas! The MLB club will also reveal new concession stands for the upcoming campaign. For more information on what to eat at Chase Field in 2023, please refer to the team’s list of food items below! Important Note: The stands and items may vary depending on availability! The debuting food choices will range from uniqueness, creativity, and selections not commonly found in other MLB stadiums!

#10 – Chicken Posole Salad

  • Description: For those who prefer a lighter option, try Mild-Spice Ancho Chicken with Crispy Tortilla Chips, Lettuce, Salsa Verde, Goat Cheese, and Sliced Radish.
  • Where are Chicken Posole Salads Sold at Chase Field: The Still by Cutwater
  • Location: Left Field Concourse (Near Section 139)

#9 – Caramel Apples on a Stick

  • Description: From the stand that brought you the iconic Churro Dog comes a taste of the carnival: Granny Smith apples on a stick, covered in caramel sauce.
  • Where are Caramel Apples Sold at Chase Field: Sweet Treats
  • Location: Home Plate Concourse (Near Section 123)

#8 – Loaded Bacon Philly Fries

  • Description: Now is the time to upgrade your fry-eating experience with Ribeye Steak pieces topped with Spray Cheese Sauce, Rendered Bacon Bits for extra crunch, Sour Cream, and Jalapenos on top of French Fries.
  • Where are Loaded Bacon Philly Fries Sold at Chase Field: Copper State Steaks
  • Location: Home Plate Concourse (Near Section 120)

#7 – Pulled Pork Sandwich

  • Description: Phoenix’s exciting new food lineup consists of Shredded Pork with Barbecue Sauce, Jalapenos, Pickles, and Marinated Onions on a Potato Roll, with Vinegar-Based Coleslaw as a side.
  • Where are Pulled Pork Sandwiches Sold at Chase Field: Dbacks BBQ Alley
  • Location: 1st Base Concourse (Near Section 114)

#6 – Greek Beef Gyro

  • Description: This year, Greek Cuisine is debuting at the baseball game, offering delicious takes on Certified Angus Beef Gyro Pita Bread with Tzatziki White Sauce, Tomato, and Red Onion. Grilled chicken is also available & customers can add feta cheese for an additional fee.
  • Where are Greek Beef Gyros Sold at Chase Field: Chef Tilder’s Gyros
  • Location: 3rd Base Concourse (Near Section 129)

#5 – Sonoran Hot Dog

  • Description: This dish is a Footlong Hot Dog wrapped in Bacon and topped with Pico de Gallo Salsa, Pinto Beans, and a Mustard & Mayo Drizzle. Surprisingly, the Arizona team is not the only one offering this item; the Detroit Tigers also sell it at Comerica Park.
  • Where are Sonoran Hot Dogs Sold at Chase Field: Taste of Chase
  • Location: 3rd Base Concourse (Near Section 130)

#4 – Beer-Battered Chicken Fingers

  • Description: Sports teams usually rely on just buttermilk and flour to make their batters. But the baseball club in Phoenix cooks their Chicken Tenders by using Light Beer-Infused Batter. The meal comes with a side of Crinkle Cut Fries and Dipping Sauce. 
  • Where are Beer-Battered Chicken Fingers Sold at Chase Field: Gonzo’s Grill
  • Location: Left Field Concourse (Near Section 142)

#3 – Crispy Chicken Bao Bun

  • Description: Introducing the Asian classic: Fried Chicken paired with Carrot & Cucumber Slaw and Mild-Spice Thai Chili Sauce in a Steamed White Bun. Fans will receive two mini sandwiches per order.
  • Where are Crispy Chicken Bao Buns Sold at Chase Field: Taste of Chase
  • Location: 3rd Base Concourse (Near Section 130)

#2 – Versus Dogs

  • Description: To honor their homestand opponents for the season, the Diamondbacks unveiled a “VS. Dog” promotion at the stadium. The flavors are available for a limited time, depending on the series. For example, the Rockies have Green Chile Sauce, the Red Sox have Baked Beans, the Rays have Cuban Pork, and the Mariners have Cream Cheese.
  • Where are Versus Dogs Sold at Chase Field: Big Dawgs
  • Location: Right Field Concourse (Near Section 105)

#1 – Epic Carnitas Nacho Helmet

  • Description: Arizona has stepped up its nacho game this year, focusing on Slow-Cooked Shredded Pork along with Jack Cheese Sauce, Jalapenos, Pinto Beans, Pico de Gallo Salsa, Lime Juice, and Tortilla Chips served in a Souvenir Helmet.
  • Where are Epic Carnitas Nacho Helmets Sold at Chase Field: The Still by Cutwater
  • Location: Left Field Concourse (Near Section 139)
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