Top 10 Bucs 2023 New Foods at Raymond James Stadium

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Where can I find the Beef Birria Tacos & Bucs Sundaes at Raymond James Stadium in 2023? What are the Top 10 Bucs 2023 New Foods?

We are beyond excited to take you on a culinary journey through the mouthwatering delights awaiting you at Raymond James Stadium for the upcoming 2023 season. So, without further ado, let’s explore these irresistible and compelling offerings that will leave your taste buds dancing with delight! 

Top 10 Bucs 2023 New Foods at Raymond James Stadium

Are you going to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers NFL game this year? Want new menu options to sample at Raymond James Stadium in 2023?

As football season kicks off, fans eagerly anticipate the games and the mouthwatering food options at concession stands. The good news is that this year, the Buccaneers of the NFL have prepared a delightful array of new offerings to make your game-day experience even more exceptional. From delectable sandwiches to irresistible desserts, get ready to indulge in various exciting creations that will satisfy your cravings at every touchdown. 

The football venue serves more than just nachos and sodas! The Buccaneers will also announce new ordering stands for the upcoming season. For more information on what to eat at Raymond James Stadium in 2023, please refer to the official list of food items below! Important Note: The stands and items may vary depending on availability! The food choices will range from uniqueness, creativity, and selections not commonly found throughout the regular season!

#10 – German Bratwurst

  • Description: The game day experience will offer convenient, on-the-go food options. For example, you can enjoy the Grilled Bratwurst with Sauerkraut on a White Bun, served with a side of Kettle Chips. 
  • Where are the German Bratwursts Sold at Raymond James Stadium? Grill Portable Cart
  • Location: Sections 133 & 118

#9 – Montreal Smoked Beef Sandwich

  • Description: The home of Tampa football will offer a classic Canadian favorite: a meal featuring Slow-Roasted Pastrami and Yellow Mustard on Marble Rye Bread, served with crispy Kettle Chips and a Pickle Spear.
  • Where is the Montreal Smoked Beef Sandwich Sold at Raymond James Stadium? Spiced & Sliced Carvery
  • Location: Sections 232 & 207

#8 – Bucs Burger

  • Description: Starting this season, football spectators will have the opportunity to savor a unique burger with a twist: a delicious combination of a Beef Patty, Chopped Brisket, American Cheese, and BBQ Sauce, all served on a soft White Bun. To complete the experience, the burger comes with a side of crispy Tater Tots.
  • Where are the Bucs Burgers Sold at Raymond James Stadium? Rum Fish
  • Location: Section 143

#7 – Beef Walking Taco

  • Description: One of the top sports food trends is now available at Bucs games as the new addition focuses on Ground Beef that partners with Corn Chips, Pico de Gallo Salsa, Shredded Lettuce, and Cheese Sauce served in a Fritos® Bag. 
  • Where is the Beef Walking Taco Sold at Raymond James Stadium? Portable Cart
  • Location: Section 115

#6 – Italian Meatball Sub

  • Description: The Italian comfort food classic is coming to Tampa Bay. This sandwich features Four Beefy Meatballs coated with Mozzarella Cheese and Marinara Sauce, all served on a Hoagie Roll.
  • Where are the Italian Meatball Subs Sold at Raymond James Stadium? Ybor Press
  • Location: Sections 233 & 208

#5 – Burnt End Mac & Cheese

  • Description: This tasty innovation is a must-have for all ticket holders as the Buccaneers take the field in 2023. This dish resembles Beef Burnt Ends placed on top of Creamy Mac & Cheese and decorated with BBQ Sauce, Fried Onions, and Orange Cheeto® Powder served in a bowl. 
  • Where is the Burnt End Mac & Cheese Sold at Raymond James Stadium? Cannon Fire BBQ (Level 100) and Smokin’ Q (Level 200)
  • Location: Sections 139, 114, 238 & 213

#4 – BBQ Bacon Footlong Hot Dog

  • Description: Tired of getting the same old hot dog on game day? Worry no more because the Bucs will have a Footling All-Beef Link topped with Rendered Bacon Bits, Original Barbecue Sauce, Shredded Cheese, and Chopped Onions on a Hawaiian Roll. 
  • Where are the BBQ Bacon Footlong Hot Dogs Sold at Raymond James Stadium? Crafty Dog
  • Location: Sections 124, 236 & 209

#3 – Aussie Grill™ Original Chicken Sandwich

  • Description: The new stand, courtesy of Outback Steakhouse®, will sell its best-selling item: a Hand-Breaded & Fried Chicken Breast that collaborates with Smoky Mayo and Sliced Pickles on a White Bun. 
  • Where is the Original Chicken Sandwich Sold at Raymond James Stadium? Aussie Grill™
  • Location: Sections 118, 241 & 204

#2 – Bucs Sundae

  • Description: Looking for a dessert you can’t find in other NFL stadiums? Introducing the brand new sundae highlighting the Vanilla Soft Serve Ice Cream with Colored Sprinkles and Strawberry Sauce Whipped Cream. The sweet treat is garnished with a Donut Hole, Mini Vanilla Cupcake, Cotton Candy, and a Lollipop. 
  • Where are the Bucs Sundaes Sold at Raymond James Stadium? Sundae Bar
  • Location: Sections 232 & 207

#1 – Beef Birria Tacos

  • Description: All fans in attendance will have a chase to sample the new take on a classic Mexican hand-held favorite. This dish consists of Slow Roasted Barbacoa Beef with Cotija Cheese, Pickled Red Onion Slices, and Green Cilantro on a Tortilla. Customers should receive three tacos per order! 
  • Where is the Beef Birria Taco Sold at Raymond James Stadium? Taste of Tampa
  • Location: Section 137
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