Top 10 Astros 2023 New Foods at Minute Maid Park

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Where can I find the Funnel Cake Fries, Cajun Fries & Street Corn at Minute Maid Park in 2023? What are the Top 10 Astros 2023 New Foods?

Today, we are excited to present the ten exciting new food items at Minute Maid Park for the 2023 Astros season. Without any delay, let’s proceed!

Top 10 Astros 2023 New Foods at Minute Maid Park

Are you going to the Astros baseball game this season? Want new menu options to sample at Minute Maid Park this year?

As the new season approaches, you may wonder if any new concession stands will be available for the upcoming campaign. Fortunately, you’re in for a treat! The Houston Astros have announced that they will introduce new food options at their home ballpark in 2023, perfect for sports fans in Southeast Texas.

The ballpark provides more than just sodas and sausages! The MLB franchise will also reveal new concession stands for the upcoming year. For more information on what to eat at Minute Maid Park in 2023, please refer to the team’s List of Food Items below! Important Note: The stands and items may vary depending on availability! Debuting food choices will range from uniqueness, creativity, and selections not commonly found in other MLB Stadiums! 

#10 – Mexican Elote Street Corn

  • Description: At the Astros ballpark, Houston sports fans can enjoy one of Mexico’s favorite side dishes – Grilled Yellow Corn. This dish is topped with a delicious Hispanic-Spiced Mayo Sauce and Cotija Salty Cheese.
  • Where is the Mexican Elote Street Corn Sold at Minute Maid Park: Elote and Pupusas
  • Location: 1st Base Concourse (Near Section 124)

#9 – Calabrese Chicken Wings

  • Description: These are the wings that you don’t want to miss! Introducing the Calabrese Chicken Wings, starring Deep-Fried Wings alongside Italian-Style Mayonnaise & Cajun Spice Sauce. 
  • Where are Calabrese Chicken Wings Sold at Minute Maid Park: Osso & Kristalla
  • Location: 1st Base Concourse (Near Section 226)

#8 – Hispanic-Style Fruit Cups

  • Description: Searching for an upgraded fruit-eating experience? We got you covered! Courtesy of Houston Baseball, this is a Fruit Cup that features Chopped Pieces of Pineapple, Cantaloupes, Melons & Watermelon decorated with Sweet-and-Sour Chamoy Gummies, Mexican Seasoning, and Chamoy Sauce. 
  • Where is the Hispanic-Style Fruit Cup Sold at Minute Maid Park: Michelada Portable Cart
  • Location: 1st Base Concourse (Near Section 129)

#7 – Shrimp Campechana Tacos

  • Description: Who wants tacos with a side of baseball? We do! Coming this upcoming season are the Shrimp Campechana Tacos, which are Marinated Gulf Coast Shrimp along with Sweet Agave Sauce, Pickled Avocado Slices & Pico de Gallo Salsa served in a Tortilla Shell. Hurry because this offering will only be available for a limited time! So get yours before they’re gone! 
  • Where are Shrimp Campechana Tacos Sold at Minute Maid Park: The Park
  • Location: 1st Base Concourse (Near Section 231)

#6 – Chicken Parmesan Sub

  • Description: Perhaps the most exciting sandwich to debut this year highlights Fried Chicken Pieces that are partnered with Two Types of Cheeses (Parmesan & Mozzarella), Marinara Sauce, and Green Basil on a Submarine-Style Italian Bread. 
  • Where is the Chicken Parmesan Sub Sold at Minute Maid Park: La Stella Trattoria
  • Location: Home Plate Concourse (Near Section 420)

#5 – Cinnamon Sugar Pretzel

  • Description: Are you in search of a unique pretzel that will set itself apart from the others at the ballpark? Look no further than the Large German-Baked Pretzel that comes dusted with cinnamon powdered sugar. 
  • Where are Cinnamon Sugar Pretzels Sold at Minute Maid Park: Butcher
  • Location: Home Plate Concourse (Near Section 116)

#4 – Fajita Beef K-uesadilla

  • Description: Craving for Tex-Mex during Astros games? No Problem! Introducing the Fajita Beef Quesadilla, which is a Texas-Originated Beef that is cooked in a skillet, placed in a White Tortilla, and garnished with Pico de Gallo Salsa. Also comes with Chicken or Cheese (Vegetarian idea) and the food title was named after the “K” strikeout by pitchers. 
  • Where is the Fajita Beef K-uesadilla Sold at Minute Maid Park: Quesadilla Cart
  • Location: Right Field/1st Base Concourse (Near Section 132)

#3 – Chopped Brisket Loaded Baked Potato

  • Description: The thrilling new addition to Houston Baseball’s food lineup consists of Chopped Texas-Style Beef Brisket that is accompanied with BBQ Sauce, Butter, Shredded Cheese, Sour Cream, and Green Chives piled on a Baked Potato. Guests can also order Smoked Chicken Baked Potato on the menu. 
  • Where are Chopped Brisket Loaded Baked Potatoes Sold at Minute Maid Park: Spud House
  • Location: Right Field Concourse (Near Section 154)

#2 – Cajun-Style Fries

  • Description: Get this crazy new side option that will take you back to Louisiana as they are a plate full of French Fries that are served with Spicy Aioli Sauce and coated in Cajun-Style Seasoning. Even LSU Tigers alumni & Astros Star Alex Bregman is a huge fan of those fries.
  • Where is the Cajun-Style Fry Sold at Minute Maid Park: Peaux Boys
  • Location: 3rd Base Concourse (Near Section 410)

#1 – Funnel Cake Fries

  • Description: Looking for a carnival-inspired treat that satisfies your sweet tooth? You’ve found it! This dish features Deep-Fried Funnel Cake Fries coated with Powdered Sugar and served with your choice of Three Sauces: Chocolate, Blueberry, or Caramel.
  • Where are Funnel Cake Fries Sold at Minute Maid Park: Battered-Up
  • Location: Home Plate Concourse (Near Section 116)
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