Super Bowl LVI 2022 Predictions: All Four Rounds

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Who Will Win Super Bowl LVI in LA in 2022? Will the Bucs Repeat as Super Bowl Champions? Will there be any Upsets in 2022 NFL Playoffs?

Hello everyone! Welcome to Sports Teller! Today, we will be making bold predictions for Super Bowl LVI 2022 Predictions: All Four Rounds! The entire 2022 National Football League Postseason playoff picks include the following: Wild Card, Divisional, Conference, and Super Bowl LVI. Without further adieu, let’s begin!

Super Bowl LVI 2022 Predictions: All Four Rounds

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NFL Wild Card Round-Super Bowl LVI Predictions

NFC=(2) Tampa Bay Buccaneers over (7) Philadelphia Eagles

NFC=(3) Dallas Cowboys over (6) San Francisco 49ers

NFC=(4) Los Angeles Rams over (5) Arizona Cardinals

AFC=(2) Kansas City Chiefs over (7) Pittsburgh Steelers

AFC=(3) Buffalo Bills over (6) New England Patriots

AFC=(5) Las Vegas Raiders over (4) Cincinnati Bengals

Teams with First Round Bye: Green Bay Packers and Tennessee Titans

NFL Divisional Round-Super Bowl LVI Predictions

NFC=(4) Los Angeles Rams over (1) Green Bay Packers

NFC=(3) Dallas Cowboys over (2) Tampa Bay Buccaneers

AFC=(1) Tennessee Titans over (5) Las Vegas Raiders

AFC=(2) Kansas City Chiefs over (3) Buffalo Bills

NFL Conference Championship Round-Super Bowl LVI Predictions

NFC Championship=(4) Los Angeles Rams over (3) Dallas Cowboys

AFC Championship=(2) Kansas City Chiefs over (1) Tennessee Titans

And the Super Bowl LVI (Inglewood, CA) Champion is……

Los Angeles Rams over Kansas City Chiefs

Super Bowl LVI MVP

Rams WR Cooper Kupp

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