Reds 2024 New Foods Include Nacho Burger Dip

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Great American Ball Park Announces Reds 2024 New Foods that feature Chicken Adobo Tacos, Goetta Sliders, Brisket Mac Dogs, & More!

Join us as the Cincinnati Reds announce new food concessions, drinks and dessert options at Great American Ball Park for the 2024 season. 

Reds 2024 New Foods Include Nacho Burger Dip

Are you going to the Reds games this year? Want new menu options to try at Great American Ball Park in 2024?

Opening Day in Cincinnati is about a couple days away, and the Big Red Machine has a new food lineup ready for fans to enjoy. Great American Ball Park has announced some new menu options for 2024 that will be sold in the main concourses as well as premium seating levels. Those options range from German cuisine to mind-blowing innovations and even loaded hot dogs. 

There are also returning favorites like Skyline Chili®, Montgomery Inn Smokehouse, and Porkopolis. While some of the food offerings are being sold at multiple stands, there are other menu items that are only available at one location. For complete details on the 2024 Cincinnati Reds food lineup and locations, please refer to the information below! 

Elevated Ballpark Fare-Reds 2024 New Foods

Bases Loaded Nacho Burger Dip

  • Description: The latest member of Cincinnati Baseball’s food lineup will showcase Two Sliders with Smashburger Patties, American Cheese, Tomatoes, Lettuce, and Special Sauce on a Toasted Potato Bun. The meal is then served with a Souvenir Nacho Cheese Dip. Please keep in mind that this item is for a limited time, so it might not be available all season. 
  • Where are the Bases Loaded Burger Dips Sold? 50 West Brewing Co.
  • Location: Section 129 (1st Base)

Glier’s Goetta Sliders

  • Description: Fans can get a taste of Europe at Great American courtesy of a German Sausage Patty that collaborates with Crispy Onions, American Cheese, Habanero Hot Pepper Bacon Jam, and Pickles on a Potato Bun. Customers should receive about two sliders per order. 
  • Where are the Glier’s Goetta Sliders Sold? Food Bar
  • Location: Sections 129 (1st Base) and 415 (3rd Base)

Cincinnati Chili Nachos Helmet

  • Description: The popular fan-favorite from last year will return in 2024 better than ever. This dish will focus on Beef Chili with Shredded American Cheese smothered on top of Tortilla Chips. The only difference for the upcoming season is that all the ingredients will be served in a Souvenir Helmet. 
  • Where are the Cincinnati Chili Nachos Helmets Sold? Skyline Chili®
  • Location: Sections 130 (1st Base), 116 (3rd Base), 103 (Left Field), 535 (1st Base), and 518 (3rd Base)

Brisket & Cheese Hoagie

  • Description: The hybrid of a Philly Cheesesteak and Texas Barbecue highlights Beef Brisket that partners with Queso Cheese, Banana Peppers, BBQ Sauce, Onions, and Red Peppers. The sandwich is served on a Potato Hoagie Roll. 
  • Where are the Brisket & Cheese Hoagies Sold? Montgomery Inn Smokehouse
  • Location: Section 139 (Right Field)

Chicken Adobo Tacos

  • Description: This offering has the roster of Filipino Marinated Chicken with Soy Sauce, Sliced Purple Cabbage, and Sour Cream on a Flour Tortilla. Customers should receive approximately three tacos per order. 
  • Where are the Chicken Adobo Tacos Sold? Gary’s Taco Cart
  • Location: Section 129 (1st Base)

Smoker Nachos

  • Description: Reds fans will have a Choice of Protein (Pulled Pork or Smoked Chicken) and then receive the following components: Tortilla Chips, Queso Cheese, Jalapeno Cream, Cucumbers, Onions, and Pickled Jalapenos. 
  • Where are the Smoker Nachos Sold? Montgomery Inn Smokehouse
  • Location: Section 139
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Hot Dogs-Reds 2024 New Foods

Jalapeno Cheddar Sausage

  • Description: The spicy take on a ballpark classic features a Grilled Jalapeno Cheddar Sausage that is garnished with Mustard and Sauerkraut on a Pretzel Bun. 
  • Where are the Nutella Empanadas Sold? Multiple Areas
  • Location: Food Bar (Section 109-3rd Base) & Scouts Alley Club (Home Plate: Sections 122-126)

Big Red Dog

  • Description: This dish will consist of a Bacon-Wrapped Smoky Beef Link layered by Special Sauce and Pimento Cheese on a Pretzel Bun. 
  • Where are the Big Red Dogs Sold? Porkopolis
  • Location: Sections 128 (1st Base), 117 (3rd Base), 425 (Home Plate), and 416 (3rd Base)

Batter Up Bratwurst

  • Description: Along with Glier’s Goetta Sliders, baseball fans have another European menu option to choose from. Introducing Four Mini German Sausage Bites that are covered by a Slice of American Cheese, Secret Sauce, and Crispy Bacon Pieces. All of those ingredients are served on a stick.  
  • Where are the Batter Up Bratwursts Sold? Food Bar
  • Location: Sections 129 (1st Base) and 415 (3rd Base)

Brisket Mac Dog

  • Description: The expected hand-held favorite focuses on a Grilled Beef Brisket Sausage that is topped with Creamy Mac & Cheese and Original BBQ Sauce on a Pretzel Bun. 
  • Where are the Brisket Mac Dogs Sold? Montgomery Inn Smokehouse
  • Location: Section 139

Food Stand Additions-Reds 2024 New Foods

Grab N’ Go Marketplace

  • Description: Great American Ball Park will launch a new Grab N’ Go station for less wait times on stadium concessions. The food that will be available at the marketplace will include the following: La Rosa’s® Pizza, Penn Station® East Coast Subs, Wings and Rings®, Hot Dogs, Potato Chips, Peanuts, Soda Cans, and Water Bottles. And best of all, the new station will operate over 30 self-service checkout monitors. 
  • Where are the Grab N’ Go Items Sold? The Food Hub
  • Location: 3rd Base Concourse (Sections 109-119)

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