Rangers 2024 New Foods Include Meatball Sliders

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Globe Life Field Announces Rangers 2024 New Foods that feature Chicken-Fried Brisket Tacos, Whataburger®, Boomstick Triple Play, & More!

Join us as the Texas Rangers announce new food concessions, drinks and restaurant stands at Globe Life Field for the 2024 season. 

Rangers 2024 New Foods Include Meatball Sliders

Are you going to the Rangers games this year? Want new menu options to try at Globe Life Field in 2024?

Opening Day vs. Cubs in Arlington is about a couple days away, and the Defending World Series Champions have a new food lineup ready for fans to enjoy. Globe Life Field has announced some new menu options for 2024 that will be sold in the main level food stands as well as club levels. Those options range from Tex-Mex cuisine to the new take on The Boomstick and even Whataburger®. 

There are also returning favorites like Hurtado Barbeque, Golden Chick®, and the rotational Arlington Eats from participating local restaurants. While some of the food offerings are being sold at multiple stands, there are other menu items that are only available at one location. For complete details on the 2024 Texas Rangers food lineup and locations, please refer to the information below! 

Tex-Mex Cuisine-Rangers 2024 New Foods

Brisket Milanesa Tacos

  • Description: One of the popular BBQ restaurants in Arlington will launch a new item: Chicken-Fried Beef Brisket that goes with Chile de Arbol and Creamy Gravy on a Flour Tortilla. 
  • Where are the Brisket Milanesa Tacos Sold? Hurtado Barbeque
  • Location: Sections 141 (Left Field) and 201 (Down the LF Line-Opening in Late April)

Ranchero Chile Relleno Dog

  • Description: This dish showcases a Queso-Filled Angus Beef Link that is wrapped with Roasted Banana Pepper and then by Bacon Strips. The snack is later topped with Grilled Onions on a Potato Roll. 
  • Where are the Ranchero Chile Relleno Dogs Sold? Multiple Areas
  • Location: Sections 121 (1st Base) and 225 (1st Base)

Chicken Empanadas

  • Description: The Rangers will debut the Homemade Fried Turnovers stuffed with Shredded Chicken with the sides of Tortilla Chips and Salsa Roja. 
  • Where are the Chicken Empanadas Sold? Multiple Areas
  • Location: Sections 108 (3rd Base) and 225 (1st Base)

Texas Tacos

  • Description: This one-of-a-kind offering features a Choice of Meat (Grilled Chicken or Ground Beef) that pairs with Shredded Cheese, Pico de Gallo, Lettuce, and Choice of Salsa (Verde or Roja). The ingredients are first placed in a Soft Flour Tortilla and then covered by Texas Red Crunchy Taco Shell. 
  • Where are the Texas Tacos Sold? Multiple Areas
  • Location: Sections 106 (3rd Base), 17 (1st Base), and 226 (1st Base)
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Elevated Ballpark Fare-Rangers 2024 New Foods

The Boomstick Triple Play

  • Description: From the people that brought you the famous 2-Foot Long Chilli Dog, they have a new take on the classic following with a catch. Instead of creating a food item that is 24 inches, the culinary team decided to provide three favorites on the same plate: First, the Boomstick Dog will be a Footlong Beef Link smothered with Nacho Cheese, Beef Chili, Jalapenos, and Grilled Onions. Next, the Boomstick Burger (which debuted last year) will be Two Beef Patties with Nacho Cheese, Tomato, Lettuce, and Pickles on an 8-Inch Bun. Finally, the “third out” of the family meal has the Pile-High Nachos with Tortilla Cheese, Sliced Jalapenos, and Nacho Cheese. All three items are served on a 2-Foot Long Plate similar to the traditional Boomstick Dog. 
  • Where are the Boomstick Triple Plays Sold? Texas 24”
  • Location: Section 132 (Right Field)


  • Description: Perhaps the biggest addition to Globe Life Field for 2024 is the national Texas-originated burger chain. Its most popular sandwich comes with a Fresh Beef Patty, Tomato, Lettuce, Ketchup, Mustard, and Pickles on a White Bun. The new stand will also offer Onion Rings, French Fries, and Milkshakes. 
  • Where are the Whataburgers® Sold? Section 105 (Opening on April 5 vs. Astros)
  • Location: 3rd Base Concourse

Chicken & Waffle Taco

  • Description: The flavors of breakfast are coming to North Texas courtesy of a Fried Chicken Finger that accompanies Honey Sriracha Sauce and Bacon Bits on a Homemade Waffle Shell. 
  • Where are the Chicken & Waffle Tacos Sold? Golden Chick®
  • Location: Section 128 (Right Field)

International Bites-Rangers 2024 New Foods

Meatball Garlic Knot Sliders

  • Description: Fans can sample the tastes of Italy thanks to the Beef Meatballs drenched in Marinara Sauce and served on Parmesan Cheese-Dusted Garlic Knots. Customers should receive three sliders per order. 
  • Where are the Meatball Garlic Knots Sliders Sold? Multiple Areas
  • Location: Sections 133 (Centerfield), 230 (1st Base), and Club Level CL223 (Home Plate)

Korean Pork Steamed Buns

  • Description: This meal will resemble a Soft-Steamed Bao Bun filled with Slow-Cooked Korean Pulled Pork, Unagi Eel Sauce, Cilantro Slaw, and Spicy Mayo. 
  • Where are the Korean Pork Steamed Buns Sold? Multiple Areas
  • Location: Sections 124 (1st Base) and 230 (1st Base)

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