Amerant Bank Arena Interactive Food Map

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Check out the Amerant Bank Arena Interactive Food Map to explore various food stands during Panthers hockey and live concerts! 

Today, we will showcase the Amerant Bank Arena Virtual Food Map! In addition, we will detail the concession stands for all three floors of the South Florida venue. Without further adieu, let’s get started! 

Amerant Bank Arena Interactive Food Map

Are you going to a Panthers game or a live concert? What are the food options at Amerant Bank Arena?

If you are a food enthusiast, you can have a great time exploring the culinary options at the Amerant Bank Arena. This venue offers a variety of food concessions and stands that cater to diverse tastes. To make the most of your visit, check out the Amerant Bank Arena food map, which displays all the available menu items.

The Sunrise hockey stadium has food concessions that cater to every palate, from classic stadium food to gourmet cuisine. You can find them all here whether you crave burgers, pizza, or tacos. You can enjoy traditional favorites and international cuisine with such a wide range of options.

While exploring the food stands, you will be tempted by many delicious menu items that will tantalize your taste buds. You can indulge in hot dogs loaded with toppings, crispy chicken tenders with zesty dipping sauces, or even fresh salads and vegetarian dishes for a healthier option.

The Amerant Bank Arena food map is designed to make your experience convenient. The food stands are located throughout the venue to ensure that you can have many options without leaving your seat. Whether sitting on the lower level or in the nosebleeds, you can still enjoy delicious treats just a few steps away.

So the next time you’re in South Florida, whether you’re attending an event or supporting your favorite team, take advantage of the diverse and delicious offerings at the Amerant Bank Arena’s food concessions and stands. The Amerant Bank Arena food map guarantees a mind-blowing journey unlike any other. 

Amerant Bank Arena Interactive Food Map

Click on the link above for the stadium’s interactive map!

Sunrise’s Amerant Bank Arena Food Lineup-Plaza Level 100

  • BBQ Shack-Section 114
  • Nashville Hot Chicken-Section 105
  • Gourmet Pizza-Section 108
  • Caribbean Food-Section 115
  • Specialty Sandwiches-Section 119
  • Tastes of Florida-Section 129
  • Poutine & Ice Cream-Section 130
  • Grab & Go Market-Section 124
  • Inside the Boards-Section 122
  • Pantherland-Main Lobby

Sunrise’s Amerant Bank Arena Food Lineup-Club Stoli® Level 200

  • BBQ & Sandwiches-Behind Suites CL23 & CL29
  • Desserts Board-Behind Suites CL23 & CL29
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Sunrise’s Amerant Bank Arena Food Lineup-Upper Level 300

  • Food Fare & Ice Cream-Section 305
  • Poutine & Pizza-Section 307
  • Chicken Takeover-Section 319
  • Specialty Sandwiches-Section 328
  • Nashville Hot Chicken-Section 330
  • Grab & Go Market-Section 302

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