2021 Stanley Cup Playoff Predictions: All Four Rounds

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2021 Stanley Cup Playoff Predictions: All Four Rounds! Quarterfinals, Semifinals, Conference Finals & Stanley Cup Finals! Who is Favored?

Hello everyone! Welcome to Sports Teller! Today, we will be showcasing the 2021 Stanley Cup Playoff Predictions: All Four Rounds. Now that the First Round of the 2021 Stanley Cup Playoffs is Here, Now is the Time to Make Predictions on the First/Second Round, Conference Finals & Stanley Cup! Without further adieu, let’s begin!

2021 Stanley Cup Playoff Predictions: All Four Rounds

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2021 Quarterfinals-North & Central Divisions

(1) Maple Leafs vs. (4) Canadiens

Prediction: Maple Leafs in 7

(1) Hurricanes vs. (4) Predators

Prediction: Hurricanes in 5

(2) Oilers vs. (3) Jets

Prediction: Oilers in 5

(2) Panthers vs. (3) Lightning

Prediction: Lightning in 6

2021 Quarterfinals-East & West Divisions

(1) Avalanche vs. (4) Blues

Prediction: Avalanche in 5

(1) Penguins vs. (4) Islanders

Prediction: Penguins in 6

(2) Golden Knights vs. (3) Wild

Prediction: Golden Knights in 6

(2) Capitals vs. (3) Bruins

Prediction: Capitals in 7

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2021 Divisional Rounds-North & Central

Hurricanes vs. Lightning

Prediction: Hurricanes in 7

Maple Leafs vs. Oilers

Prediction: Maple Leafs in 6

2021 Divisional Rounds-East & West

Avalanche vs. Golden Knights

Prediction: Avalanche in 7

Penguins vs. Capitals

Prediction: Penguins in 7

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2021 Stanley Cup Semifinals

Maple Leafs vs. Hurricanes

Prediction: Maple Leafs in 6

Avalanche vs. Penguins

Prediction: Avalanche in 6

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2021 Stanley Cup Finals

Avalanche vs. Maple Leafs

Prediction: Avalanche in 6

MVP: Nathan MacKinnon

Colorado Avalanche! 2021 Stanley Cup Champions!!!

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