10 Never Before Seen Facts on Dodger Stadium

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10 Never Before Seen Facts on Dodger Stadium

Dodger Stadium is one of the great ballparks every baseball fan has on their bucket list. In fact, the Dodgers’ venue is one of the oldest MLB facilities in America as it made its debut in 1962. Any Dodgers fan that bleeds Dodger Blue will know every information possible, from the team winning the 2020 World Series to Clayton Kershaw throwing a no-hitter in 2014. However, there are new Dodger Stadium facts that many baseball supporters never knew or never heard of in their lives. For details on what facts baseball fans rarely knew about, please refer to 10 Never Before Seen Facts on Dodger Stadium below!

10: Fans Escorted Out of Outfield Seats Because of Unwanted Guest

During a Saturday afternoon game vs. Chicago Cubs in August 2009, a large swarm of bees invaded the left field seats in the seventh inning. The clan of bees was so large that security officials escorted fans from the left field section for safety. The game was a big draw not only for the bees, but for the fans since this was a rematch from the previous year’s National League Division Series when the Dodgers won that series 3-0. Despite the bee situation, it did not affect the game as Los Angeles defeated Chicago 2-0.

9: Dodgers Game Called Off Due to Crappy Situation

Back in March 2018, the Dodgers were playing an exhibition game against their crosstown rival Los Angeles Angels. For those who don’t know, exhibition games are events that are played to conclude spring training in their own cities rather than in Florida or Arizona. During the 5th inning, play came to an abrupt stop when a sewage leak flooded onto the field near the third base seats. Apparently, the leakage came from the Dodgers’ 3rd base dugout. The leak smelled so bad all around the field that the umpires had no choice but to call off the game. Even though baseball came to an unexpected end at Dodger Stadium, the Dodgers won the contest 4-3.

8: On-Field Protest Disrupted a Dodgers Game

During a Dodgers game vs. Cubs in April 1976, a father and son ran onto the field with an American Flag and a lighter. They were going to set the flag on fire when Chicago OF Rick Monday ran towards the duo and snatched the flag from them before it was potentially destroyed by fire. The protesters were soon arrested and Monday was given the flag as a reward for his heroics. Play would soon resume as the Dodgers won the game 5-4. Rick Monday is still popular with Dodgers fans as he is currently the team’s radio color commentator.

7: Dodger Stadium Has the Most Parking Lots in the Big Leagues

Believe it or not, the Chavez Ravine ballpark has the most parking lots out of any of the 30 venues in the big leagues. In fact, Dodger Stadium has over 15,000 parking lots and that doesn’t include parking garages. Also, that doesn’t include sharing the same complex with other teams. The Los Angeles facility is one of the couple ballparks that have numerous parking lots surrounding them. The other venues are the following: Citi Field, Guaranteed Rate Field, and Angel Stadium.

6: Frank Sinatra Attended a Dodgers Opening Day Game

Back in 1977, legendary singer Frank Sinatra made an appearance at the ballpark at Chavez Ravine. He sang the national anthem before the Dodgers took on their rival San Francisco Giants. Sinatra turned out to be a good luck charm as the Dodgers won that game 5-1. The singer was also seen in the home team’s dugout with former L.A. manager Tommy Lasorda. There is a photo of Sinatra in the dugout with Lasorda autographed by the skipper at the press level concourse near the Vin Scully press box.

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5: A Professional Basketball Game was Played at Dodger Stadium

The ballpark at Chavez Ravine hosted major events other than baseball like film productions, hockey, concerts, and more. But did you know that a basketball game was played at Dodger Stadium. The Harlem Globetrotters®, known for their comedic take on the sport of basketball, played at the L.A. baseball venue in February 1964. Over 12,000 spectators were in attendance as the Harlem squad played on a court between the pitcher’s mound and the home plate area. The Globetrotters® were also known for winning nearly every game.

4: A Pirates Hall of Famer Became the 1st Player to Hit HR Out of the Park

In the late 1960s, a Pirates legend did something no other player has ever done at Chavez Ravine: hit a home run out of the park. Who was that first player? No, it’s not Roberto Clemente and it’s not Bill Mazeroski either. No offense to either of them, but that rare distinction went to OF/INF Willie Stargell as he hit a 512-foot dinger over the right field pavilion. The Pirates would go on to beat the Dodgers on the road in a blowout 11-3. Stargell would eventually be inducted into the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown in the late 1980s.

3: Michael Jackson Made an Ultra Rare Appearance at Dodger Stadium

In Winter 1984, Michael Jackson performed six sold-out shows at the ballpark at Chavez Ravine. The King of Pop was performing with The Jackson 5 as part of their Victory Tour. This would be the only time Michael Jackson ever got to perform at Dodger Stadium. He would usually perform at concert arenas and football stadiums across the globe. The King of Pop turned out to be the only magical moment at Dodger Stadium in 1984 as the baseball team missed the playoffs that year. Jackson started his music career with his siblings before going solo.

2: Before Dodger Stadium, the Land Was to Become Townhomes and Offices

Surprisingly, the ballpark at Chavez Ravine wasn’t the original choice for the land. During the early 1950’s, that huge piece of land was going to construct hundreds of townhomes along with a couple dozen-story office buildings. However, a change in the mayor’s office prevented the original plan from coming to fruition. Several years later, the Dodgers secured a deal to buy the land and relocated to Los Angeles from Brooklyn. The Dodgers were looking for a new ballpark in New York, but couldn’t come to terms on an agreement. So that is when the club decided to move out west.

1: Dodger Stadium Did Not Have Any Water Fountains when it Opened in 1962

During the Chavez Ravine ballpark’s debut, it did not have any water fountains available. The home team and the visiting club’s dugouts are the only ones that have such water machines. Families complained to the team that their children would not have anything to drink during the game. So therefore, Dodger Stadium installed over 20 water fountains for fans who don’t like sodas nor alcoholic beverages.

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